Ape is enough


Ape is enough


Morning Cup of Links: Looking for Aliens

Miss Cellania

The Cannes Film Festival is in full swing and runs through May 24th. Keep up with the festivities at the official site. * This is why you pay attention to warning signs.

Art-World Prodigy: Honoré Sharrer

Andréa Fernandes

Honoré Sharrer (1920-2009) passed away at age 88 a month ago, on April 17, but her death was only announced by her family last week.

The Late Movies: More Educational Programming

Mario Marsicano

Yesterday's educational clips seemed fairly popular, so I thought we'd try another round. Loripop asked for a Fargo North clip. Here he is with special guest, Big

mental_floss on CNN

Jason English

Embedded video from CNN Video Reggie Aqui & Naamua Delaney were kind enough to have me on Live today to chat about some recent mental_floss stories.

The Quick 10: 10 Amazing Actresses in 10 Awful Movies

Stacy Conradt

This whole post started a couple of weeks ago when I was researching terrible movie moms. I came across the #1 spot on our list and was stunned that Bette Davis had stooped to such a movie.

5 Old School Medical Dramas

Kara Kovalchik

TV hits are cyclic. There will be a span of five years or so when, for example, medical dramas are all the rage.

How Interns Stole NASA's Moon Rocks

Chris Higgins

In 2002, a ragtag trio of NASA interns conspired to steal millions of dollars' worth of lunar rock samples from their secure storage vault.

5 Times Drug Companies Promised Too Much (Or Explained Too Little)

Ethan Trex

General Mills is in hot water with the Food and Drug Administration over the cereal giant's claims that Cheerios have been "clinically proven to lower cholesterol." To the FDA's

Awkward Family Photos

Ransom Riggs

Why is it that when we're at our most defenseless and socially awkward -- our early teen years -- so many pictures are taken of us?

Mr. Rogers Goes to Washington

Jason English In last night's Late Movies video round-up, Mario found a real gem. In case you missed it, this clip is from 1969, when Mr.

How Ex-Vice Presidents Make Ends Meet

Ethan Trex

Dick Cheney has been in the news this week, critiquing the foreign policy of the Obama administration.

7 More Zombie Animals

Miss Cellania

Last week's post Invasion of the Zombie Animals proved to be "interesting" for many, even those who were grossed out.

Brain Game: Forty-Fives

As a youngster, I bought more music on cassette than any other format.

Morning Cup of Links: Winning Illusions

Miss Cellania

The winners of the annual World's Best Illusions competition have been announced.

The Late Movies: Educational Programming

Mario Marsicano

Today's 5pm Quiz on Schoolhouse Rock was very cool. Those short Saturday morning cartoons made learning fun, and they're also the reason I can still recite the preamble, word for word.