The 5pm Quiz: '80s Movie Plots

Brett Savage

The '80s were a wild time. This decade of provocative fun and frivolity managed to produce some phenomenally atrocious movies.

Amazing Facts, 140 Characters at a Time*

Jason English

We're approaching 20,000 followers on Twitter, which I was very excited about until I spoke with a friend at who told me they're just under 600,000.

The Quick 6: Six Children's Book Characters Inspired by Real People

Stacy Conradt

Children not only read children's books, they sometimes inspire them as well.

Caffeine Reverses Memory Impairment (in Alzheimer's mice, at least)

Meghan Holohan

If you're one of those people with a long PER3 gene, don't fret. Instead, perhaps you should chug coffee, which will keep you alert and help reverse memory loss.

7 Movie Stars Who Really Were Heroes

Mark Juddery

For over a century, movie stars have brought countless screen heroes to life "“ but of course, there has usually been a slight gap between the actors and the heroes they played.

Lunchtime Quiz: Name All the Presidents in 8 Minutes

Jason English

Here's a popular challenge from the archives—can you name all 43 people who have served as President of the United States?

Who's up for a Swine Flu Party?

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

The story making the rounds these days is that swine flu parties "“ flu flings "“ are all the rage here in Merry Olde.

Brain Game: From a Jack to a King

Most of you are probably too young to remember the early-60s country hit "From a Jack to a King." (Heck, it's even before my time.) But in today's Brain Game, that's exactly

Morning Cup of Links: Moon Trees

Miss Cellania

The ultimate backyard status symbol is a tree that has been to the moon. There are hundreds of moon trees, and most are unaccounted for. * When this storm sewer overflows, it seriously overflows!

The Late Movies: Creepy Commercials

Mario Marsicano

I don't watch a lot of commercials, mostly because I DVR my favorite shows, but also because I usually flip channels or zone out whenever they come on.

Tuesday Turnip

David K. Israel

The Tuesday Turnip is back! We gave it a BIG break to give the Internet time to catch up with us, which it has, which means all new interesting searches on Tuesdays!

The Quick 10: 10 People Who Hate Shakespeare

Stacy Conradt

Today's Quick 10 is from a book that never fails to inspire me when I need to brainstorm some lists - 5 People Who Died During Sex by Karl Shaw.

Strange Geographies: The Watts Towers

Ransom Riggs

Los Angeles doesn't have a Statue of Liberty. It can't boast an Eiffel Tower. But we do have one monument unlike anything else in the world: the Watts Towers.

6 Famous Folk Who Once Drove Taxis

David K. Israel

In some cities, driving a taxi is considered an important, valued, even elevated vocation. In London, for example, you need to study and train for about three years before you can get a license.

7 Flowcharts for Fun

Miss Cellania

I find myself drawn to flowcharts whether I understand them or not. Here's