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The Last 'Frankenstorm': Video of the 1938 Nor'easter That Ravaged New England

The Week

Hurricane Sandy is making its presence known across the Eastern Seaboard, with powerful winds beginning to lash the coast and rain starting to pour down from North Carolina to New York.

Do People Really Walk in Circles When They’re Lost?

Matt Soniak

It’s a reliable movie trope: Our heroes are lost in the woods, and in their valiant effort to make a beeline out of the forest or back to camp or civilization, they inevitably get turned around and wi

Brain Game: Math Square #144

Best wishes to our East Coast readers as they brace for a nasty bit of weather.

Morning Cup of Links: Storm Prep

Miss Cellania

If there is any doubt as to how serious the National Weather Service is taking Frankenstorm, read the warning they gave for New Jersey residents.

Why Are Dried Coffee Stains Darker At The Edges Than In The Center?

Andrew Koltonow

FlickrIf you spill coffee anywhere near as often as I do, you may have noticed something peculiar: When a puddle of coffee is allowed to dry undisturbed, the brown sediment collects almost entirely on

The Day The Mississippi River Ran Backward—and How It Led to The Trail Of Tears

Laura Steadham Smith

New Madrid seismic zone. Red circles identify earthquakes that occurred between 1974 and 2002 with magnitudes 2.5 and larger. Green circles denote earthquakes that occurred before 1974.

How Do Zebras Get Their Stripes?

Monica Granados

Coat patterns such as a zebra’s stripes afford animals the ability to blend into their environment and among other individuals with the same patterns.

11 Epic Controversies in Dinosaur Naming

Mark Mancini

Naming a dinosaur is no easy task.

Early Balloons Were Made From Animal Intestines

Monica Granados

Wikipedia/Jeremy Kemp Today's balloon animals—those mainstays of carnivals and country fairs—all begin as flat, 60-inch-long "worms." Air gives the worm structure, and twists give it

Why Do We Get Shivers Up Our Spines?

Stephanie DePetrillo

Picture this: You’re sitting on your couch in the dark alone, watching a scary movie. The killer is walking toward an unsuspecting victim, then suddenly jumps out at her.

5 Psychological Conditions Named for Disney Characters

Lauren Baker

These characters had their own fairy tales and books and, later, Disney movies. They were also the basis for psychological disorders and personality types.

18 Gene Names that Cover the Gamut, From Movies to Pop Culture to Cartoons

Meghan Radford

Some might believe that scientists stay holed up in their laboratories wearing white coats, mixing chemicals, and hanging out with lab animals, but the truth is that we do get out occasionally.

How Happy Are Clams?

Erica Hersh

Wikimedia Commons"Happy as a clam" is one of those expressions that makes you wonder: Does this phrase come from an actual measurement of the happiness of

How Do 3D Glasses Work?

Andrew Koltonow

Stereoscopy—the illusion of depth created by showing a separate image to each eye—is at least as old as photography itself.

What Makes Something an Antique?

Julia Krueger

Every time you watch Antiques Roadshow, you probably wonder: Just how do we know what items are antiques?The rule of thumb used by most antique dealers is that anything about 100 years or older is an