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How Ernö Rubik Created the Rubik's Cube

the mag

The Rubik's Cube's 40-year history is full of twists—quintillions and quintillions of them.

5 Questions: Batman Window Cameos

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6 Times Creepy Crawlies Ended Up in People's Ears

Erin McCarthy

(Almost) All Bacon Bar Coming To Montreal

Hannah Keyser

"It's not just bacon for the fun of bacon."

Why Is 'Colonel' Spelled That Way?

Arika Okrent

English spelling is bizarre.

30 Unusual Scholarships

Stacy Conradt Kara Kovalchik

If you have the right characteristic, last name, or niche interest, you could cash in.

The Missing Links: The Dark Past of Dr. Seuss

Colin Patrick

Undercover Art: 6 Paintings That Were Hiding Something

Emma del Valle

Just underneath the surface of many paintings, both famous and obscure, is another hidden painting that could have been.

The First Commercial Jet to Break the Sound Barrier Was Not the Concorde

Nick Greene

How Wildlife Photographers Use "Spy Creatures"

Chris Higgins

Brain Game: Really, Really Bad Rebus #27

Sandy Wood

9 Hidden Mario Cameos and References in Video Games

Rudie Obias

Morning Cup of Links: Invisible Like An Octopus

Hannah Keyser

History's Greatest One-Hit Wonder

the mag Stacy Conradt

Despite the song's monster success, the 16-year-old girl who wrote it never published music again.

Quiz: Guest Stars on The Simpsons

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A slew of guest stars have lent their voices to The Simpsons. Although many guests simply play themselves, the most memorable one-off characters often have a guest voice behind them. How well do you know who voiced these gems?