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Brain Game: The Film

The Academy Awards are all abuzz, so here's a mentalfloss.com Brain Game Tuesday Test Time challenge to gauge your Oscar knowledge. Good luck: Name the most recent Best Picture winner whose t

Morning Cup of Links: How to Watch Star Wars

Miss Cellania

How should the Star Wars films be presented to young people who didn't grow up seeing them in theaters? Try showing them in Machete Order for the greatest viewing pleasure.

Edgar Allan Poe's Eerie Richard Parker Coincidence

Stacy Conradt

Even Edgar Allan Poe, master of eerie twists and turns, would have been mystified by this mind-boggling coincidence created in part by one of his stories.

What Does That "Rx" Have to Do With Prescription Drugs?

Matt Soniak

Pill bottle image via Shutterstock???, sometimes transliterated as "Rx," is an abbreviation of the Latin recipe, the command form of recipere, "to take.” Back in the days when most ever

Visit the Great Barrier Reef via Google

Jill Harness

Google Street View allows you to travel through the Amazonian Rainforest, the San Diego Zoo, even a few buildings, but come September 2012, you can even swim along the perimeter of the Great Barrier R

Grace Hopper Explains Nanoseconds to Letterman

Chris Higgins

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper is famous both as a computer pioneer and for, at the time of her retirement (at age 79), being the nation's oldest active military officer.

14 Movie Cameos by the Authors of the Original Books

Stacy Conradt

Keep your eyes peeled for these writer cameos the next time you’re enjoying one of their movies. 1. Stephenie Meyer, Twilight. It’s a very subtle cameo.

Being Fred Mertz: The Life of William Frawley

Eddie Deezen

The man who achieved television immortality as Fred Mertz on I Love Lucy was born in Burlington, Iowa, on February 26, 1887.

Peugeot's Paper Play: Just Add Fuel

David K. Israel

If you live across the pond, you've likely seen the below Peugeot "Just Add Fuel" commercial (or should I say advert?).

mental_floss on the Red Carpet

Jason English

Image courtesy of mariejoelleparent We approve of Moby's red carpet reading material. Who do we talk to about getting in the gift

Brain Game: Math Square #111

As has become custom on Monday, today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game is a new Monday Math Square.

Morning Cup of Links: Oscars and Razzies

Miss Cellania

Find out the winners of the 2012 Academy Awards, and read what they said that was worth remembering.

Weekend Links: Kids Perform the Best Pic Oscar Nominees

Allison Keene

Happy Academy Awards Sunday! Haven't seen all of the Best Pic nominees?

Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named Sue" Was Written by Shel Silverstein

Bill DeMain

© Chris Hoffmann/dpa/Corbis / © Jeff Albertson/CORBIS In February 1969, Johnny Cash had a party at his house in Hendersonville, TN.

Weekend Links: The Spookiest Places On Earth

Allison Keene

What were your favorite literary characters intended to look like? Casting directors will have their own ideas that sometimes do (and many times don't) add up with what we imagined in our minds.