Small Peanuts?


Small Peanuts?


The European American: John Singer Sargent

Andréa Fernandes

On this date 84 years ago, John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) passed away.

The 5pm Quiz: Skymall Product or Rejected Invention Patent?

Sara Newton

The products gracing the pages of the SkyMall Magazine provide guaranteed laughter, disbelief and audible exclamations of "Who would buy that?" In each question in today's quiz, one pro

13 Patent-Holding Celebrity Inventors

Ethan Trex

When we think of inventors, the image that comes to mind is usually that of a frazzled scientist toiling away in a lab, not celebrities pulled from the pages of Us Weekly.

Super Ear Man Bros.

Chris Higgins

The latest Super Mario Brothers fan remake is called Super 耳男 Bros.

The Green Taboo: Population Control

Ransom Riggs

It all sounds very Orwellian and nightmarish at first.

RIP Marilyn Chambers (and a Brief History of Adult Entertainment)

Kara Kovalchik

During the 1960s and 70s, you didn't have to scour through the fine print in the sports section of your daily newspaper to find adult entertainment venues; adult theaters had their locales and sc

Magazine Sneak Peek: The First Movie to Feature 2 Men Kissing

Mangesh & Jason

In the latest mental_floss, we indulged in a little kiss and tell. From a smooch that changed a law, to a kiss that changed a religion, we explored 10 of the most powerful kisses in human history.

15 Film Production Credits Explained

David K. Israel

Ever wonder what all those strange credits are when they roll by at the end of a film?

Cat Blogging and Blogging Cats

Miss Cellania

After pornography, cats are possibly the most popular subject matter on the internet. They're cute, they can be really funny, and most internet users have at least one of their own.

Brain Game: State of the Shape

Today's stately Brain Game: When viewed on a map, which U.S. state's shape might best be described as an irregular hexagon? Here is the SOLUTION. THE SOLUTION: Utah.

Morning Cup of Links: Kinda Sutra

Miss Cellania

50 Things Every 18-Year-Old Should Know.

How Bacteria Communicate

Chris Higgins

For your Monday viewing pleasure, here's a smart talk about bacteria. Princeton microbiologist Bonnie Bassler knows her bacteria.

The 5pm Quiz: Chester Alan Arthur

Jason English

Underrated. Overnamed. That's Chester Alan Arthur, the 21st president of the United States. You may know more about him than you think, especially if you read Mr.

Quick 10: 10 Surprising Former Librarians

Sara Newton

Appropriately enough, I'm writing today's Quick 10 from my neighborhood public library.

Magazine Sneak Peek: 10 Things You Don't Know about the Vatican!

Mangesh & Jason

Vatican City has fewer than 1,000 citizens and spans only 110 acres. But what actually goes on behind the scenes?