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Yosemite’s Iconic Half Dome Just Lost 5 Million Pounds of Granite

Caitlin Schneider

Satisfying Pictures of Found Objects Matched with their Pantone Color

Sonia Weiser

Inka Mathew matches found objects with their exact Pantone color chip for her Tiny PMS Match Project.

People Really, Really Don’t Like Taking the Stairs

Shaunacy Ferro

A new study finds people will only choose the stairs if the nearest escalator is twice as far away.

New LEGO Prosthetic Allows Kids to Build Their Own Hands

Hayley Harding

The Names and Origins of 4 Tools You See Behind the Bar

Clair McLafferty

'Tetris' Might Help People With PTSD

Shaunacy Ferro

A new study finds that playing 'Tetris' helps people block traumatic memories.

Pod City: 19 Notable Podcasts About Parenting

Whitney Matheson

This week I’m sharing some of my favorite parenting podcasts, all of which take a smart, modern-day approach.

Name the 100 Most Popular Girl Names of the 2000s (USA)

The Missing Links: An Excerpt of the New Harper Lee Novel

Colin Patrick

A Monochrome Bar Where the Drinks Stand Out

Sonia Weiser

A London pop up bar was painted black and white to highlight a cider brand's colorful summer drinks.

A Look at the Dark World of #PizzaCrimes

Caitlin Schneider

Through the Twitter account @PizzaCrimes, Karl Spaeth documents unlawful acts against the world's most beloved food.

16 More Words That Are Their Own Opposites

Judith B Herman

Some words are their own worst enemies, or at least their own opposites.

What Science Has to Say About Long-Distance Relationships

Shaunacy Ferro

The scientific outlook on your long-distance love is mixed.

This Blog Catalogues Every Line Spoken By a Person of Color in Film

Shaunacy Ferro

And yes, it’s depressing.

This Giant Ant Farm Is Shaped Like Rotterdam

Rebecca OConnell

Ants have been given their own version of the city.