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College Professor Discovers Tape of Martin Luther King Jr.'s First "I Have A Dream" Speech

Hannah Keyser

The recording spent the past five decades buried in a box in a local library.

5 Questions: Everyone Knows It's "Wind"y

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One Day, This Smart Mirror May Be Able to Read Your Health Signs

Caroline Weinberg

It's still a prototype, but the Wize Mirror could one day assess your cardiometabolic risk factors and deliver personalized health recommendations.

7 Sneaky Subliminal Messages Hidden in Ads

Jake Rossen

Does subliminal advertising really work? It got attention for these companies.

Beijing's Olympic Park Is Now Full of Tiny, Technicolor Food Stalls

From our friends at Atlas Obscura.

8 War Heroes That Were Real Animals

Miss Cellania

War heroes comes in all shapes and sizes—and species.

Sorry, But the Universe Is Slowly Dying

Hannah Keyser

The current energy output across more than 200,000 galaxies is only about half as strong as it was 2 billion years ago.

15 Things You Might Not Know About 'Beetlejuice'

Kristy Puchko

Winona Ryder swears that Tim Burton's undead cult classic is about to be resurrected.

High-Tech Washing Machine Uses Beads, Not Water

Shaunacy Ferro

It can decrease water consumption by 80 percent per wash.

Reverse Graffiti Creates Murals By Cleaning

Rebecca OConnell

KFC China Now Has Pink Sandwich Buns Because Why Not

Rebecca OConnell

We're one step closer to Spongebob's 'Pretty Patties.'

5 Curiously Shaped Forests

Stacy Conradt

Can't see the forest for the trees? In these five cases, you really are missing the big picture.

How Scientists Discovered the Song of the Humpback Whale

Caitlin Schneider

The truth about why humpbacks might be better songwriters than you.

How Photoshop 1.0 Saved 'Terminator 2'

Simon Brew

Before Photoshop was on the market, its creators were perfecting its techniques by creating the epic 'Terminator 2' villain.

New Snail Discovered After Sitting on a Shelf for More Than 150 Years

Shaunacy Ferro

It was dusty.