Happy National Teacher Day!

Jason English

Before it's over, let me slip in a quick 'Happy National Teacher Day!' to all our educator friends.

The Late Movies: Supergroups

Matt Soniak

The term supergroup was coined in the late 1960s to describe rock bands made up of musicians that were already well known from performing in other bands or individually.

The Quick 10: Happy Birthday, Coca-Cola!

Stacy Conradt

I am deeply thankful to Dr. John Pemberton, who invented Coca-Cola this week back in 1886.

Attention Birmingham _Flossers

Jason English

People of Birmingham: A charity has approached us about putting on a trivia night fundraiser. We're all for it, and we thought it'd be fun to involve some of our most loyal fans.

Video: Salami Sorting Robot

Chris Higgins

Disorganized salami goes in one end, robotic FlexPicker™ hands go to work, and neatly organized rows of perfect salami exit the machine.

Last Month's Most Popular Quizzes

Jason English

1. The Pixar Quiz by David K. Israel * 2. Mint Condition: A Baseball Card Quiz by Dave Jamieson * 3. Name the Big Mac Ingredients by Jason

Lost States: Montezuma

Special Guest Star

We're thrilled to welcome a special guest blogger, the author of Lost States: True Stories of Texlahoma, Transylvania, and Other States That Never Made It.

Geek Dad Book Giveaway

David K. Israel

My hunch is many of you probably check in often with our friends over at the Geek Dad blog on

May the Fourth Be With You

Miss Cellania

Today is Star Wars Day, an unofficial holiday that has been gaining steam over the past few years, but not without controversy.

Brain Game: Five-Four

By changing one letter at a time to form different English words, and leaving all other letters in their original positions, convert FIVE into FOUR in seven (or fewer) steps.

12 Famous Actors Who Were Completely Cut From Movies

Gem Seddon

16 Encouraging Emma Watson Quotes

Roma Panganiban

Spell It Out: 16 Abbreviated Company Names Explained

Morning Cup of Links: Disastrous Typos

Miss Cellania

Actress Lynn Redgrave, who died Sunday, asked her daughter to document her battle against breast cancer in photographs. The pictures are sweet, sad, scary, and one may be NSFW.

The Late Movies: Great Movie Monologues

Ransom Riggs

Long chunks of unbroken monologue are what great film actors seem to love most, and what we remember many of our best actors for.