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In 1912, Chicago Had a One-Legged Murderous Clown

Shaunacy Ferro

He escaped from prison, and was never caught.

That Time Sigmund Freud Analyzed Charlie Chaplin

Anna Green

For the record, Freud didn't think it was much of a challenge.

The Missing Links: The World's Most Dangerous Roads

Colin Patrick

North Korea Turns Back Clocks and Establishes New Timezone Out of Spite

Alvin Ward

"Pyongyang time" takes effect August 15 and is a big "F You" to Japan.

Genius Contraption Forces House Cat to Hunt for Dinner

Shaunacy Ferro

Instead of pouring out kibble every day, Ben Millam hides balls that his cat has to find in order to earn food.

Pod City: The Science of Superman's Gas and More Highlights From Recent Podcasts

Whitney Matheson

Neil deGrasse Tyson sheds light on the science of superheroes and Diablo Cody sets us right about Barbies on recent must-listen-to podcast episodes.

'Nub City': Vernon, Florida's Decade-Long Insurance Scam

Brooks Hays

The town conned insurance companies out of millions in the 1950s. It only cost an arm and a leg (or dozens).

Timelapse: Toddler Learns to Walk

Chris Higgins

Pilates: The Fitness Trend Started in an Internment Camp

Erin Blakemore

You couldn’t be blamed for hearing the word “Pilates” and thinking about super-fit starlets and medieval-looking machines like the Reformer.

The Time Shakespeare Was Kicked Out of One Theatre, Locked Out of Another, and Forced to Build the Globe

David W Brown

It had been a lousy couple of years for William Shakespeare. In 1593, a plague forced the closure of theatres in London.

How Marbles are Made

Chris Higgins

It involves a lot of fire.

15 Fun Facts About 'Pee-wee's Big Adventure'

Stacy Conradt

It was 30 years ago that Pee-wee lost his beloved bike. Spoiler alert: It wasn't in the basement of the Alamo.

How Do Fish Have Sex?

Kate Horowitz the mag

Hint: there's no physical contact involved.

Morning Cup of Links: E.B. White's Tips for Romance

Miss Cellania

The best links for a Friday morning!

This Cat-Shaped Kindergarten Will Make You Want to Go Back to School

Rebecca OConnell

This claw-some building makes for the purr-fect learning environment. (See what we did there?)