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Brain Game: Water, Water Everywhere

The photograph of a crane dangling dangerously above Manhattan is one of the iconic images of the damage Hurricane Sandy caused along the East Coast.

Morning Cup of Links: Disney Princess Leia

Miss Cellania

A Worldwide Celebration Of Halloween. Because customs spread faster when they involve candy! * The science of a zombie apocalypse.

The Late Movies: Six Songs Inspired by Hurricane Sandy

Erica Palan

First: If you're one of our readers in New Jersey, Delaware, New York, or any of the other areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy, our thoughts are with you.

A Paranormal Activity-Style Engagement...At Disneyland

Stacy Conradt

Just in time to give your spine a little tingle for Halloween, filmmakers Josh and Jeremiah Daws have captured a Disneyland marriage proposal gone horribly awry.

The Missing Links: An 18-Mile Ice Cube

Colin Patrick

The HMS Bounty Is

What Were They Thinking?: The Psychology of Riding Out the Storm

Matt Soniak

Last night we put the call out for readers’ nagging hurricane questions.

10 Fake Photos of Hurricane Sandy That Went Viral

The Week

Among the stunning photos of Hurricane Sandy, a number of fakes also went viral.

5 Books Dictated From Beyond the Grave

Stacy Conradt

It’s really hard to write a book; it’s even harder to sell one.

How Do We Break a Presidential Election Tie?

Chris Higgins

Storm-related news aside, here's an interesting question about next week's US election: What happens if there's a tie? Within the Electoral College, there are 538 electors.

Why Do Dogs Kick Their Legs When You Scratch Their Bellies?

Matt Soniak

Every dog seems to have one—that special spot on his belly or flank that, when scratched, sends his back leg kicking like crazy.

Brain Game: Two Letters, No Stamps

We've been all about the alphabet in our recent Tuesday Test Time challenges. This time around, you need rattle off just two letters to solve today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game.

Morning Cup of Links: Anakin's Bag

Miss Cellania

A timeline of real-time updates on hurricane Sandy and what it's doing to the U.S. Atlantic coast.

The Late Movies: Children's Book Trailers

Andréa Fernandes

Last month, I shared 10 wonderful book trailers.

Why You Always Get Your Bills, Even After A Natural Disaster

Kara Kovalchik

When disaster hits, it destroys whatever is in its path, whether it's a private residence or a major bank that contains hundreds of thousands of financial records.

13 Vintage Photos of Hurricanes and Their Aftermath

Erin McCarthy

As Hurricane Sandy makes landfall on the East Coast, here's a look back at other dramatic hurricanes in American history.