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Pick the Missing "Feeling" Word From These Movie Titles

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The Missing Links: A 120,000-Piece LEGO Hobbit Recreation

Colin Patrick

Afternoon Map: Fancy New Maps Show the Width of North America's Rivers

Shaunacy Ferro

New satellite image technology is helping researchers determine exactly how wide remote waterways are.

Why Do People Like Running? It’s Hormonal, Study Finds

Shaunacy Ferro

Scientists find that a hormone involved in satiety may be responsible for runner’s high.

11 Fast Facts About Ferrari

Jenny Peters

How much do you really know about the iconic Italian auto maker?

Help Fund a Campaign to Reissue NASA's 1975 Design Manual

Caitlin Schneider

The manual defined the look of the national space program for nearly two decades before it was abruptly repealed.

New Device Can Reanimate Disembodied Hearts

Michele Debczak

Doctors predict it will increase the number of heart donations by 15 to 30 percent

Pop Chart Lab Creates Breathtaking Kaleidoscope of Butterflies

Anna Green

Featuring fifty of the most visually striking butterflies from around the world.

7 Unintended Side Effects of Prohibition

Anna Green

Children's menus, NASCAR, and coffee tables were just a few of the strange by-products of prohibition.

The Strange Practice of 'Gnoming'

Mental Floss UK

In recent years, garden gnomes have developed a reputation for going AWOL.

Tragic Tunes: Execution Ballads Were the Crime Reports of the Middle Ages

Bess Lovejoy

Blood-soaked tales of murder, rape, and other crimes were written into popular songs and sung merrily in the streets.

How to Make Your Own Sriracha 'Caviar'

Erin McCarthy

23 Mighty Facts About 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers'

Erin McCarthy

For three years in the mid-1990s, kids across the country tuned in six days a week to watch five teenagers from Angel Grove transform into superheroes.

Why is the Birth Control Pill on a 28-Day Cycle?

Ross Benes the mag

The standard was set with an aim to please...one that ultimately proved useless.

Morning Cup of Links: Political Graffiti

Miss Cellania