Tuesday Turnip


Tuesday Turnip


7 Black Widows and 16 Dead Husbands

Miss Cellania

We consider it natural for a wife and mother to feed her family to ensure their health. That's why we are so horrified when the food leads to death.

7 Ways People Woke Up, Pre-Alarm Clock

David K. Israel

Not to, er, sound a note of alarm or anything, but you'll notice roosters are nowhere to be found on this list.

Brain Game: Roosevelt Franklin!

Today's Brain Game has an unknown number of correct answers.

Gurning, the 800-Year-Old Face-Making Competition

Ransom Riggs

It all started at a crab-apple fair in rural England way back in 1269.

Morning Cup of Links: Presidential Reunion

Miss Cellania

Our moods affect our thinking abilities in several ways. The research may explain why our greatest artists are often unhappy people. * Urinals with a View.

The Late Movies: 10 Awful TV Credits Sequences

Chris Higgins

I came across the "Super Mario Brothers Super Show" closing credits sequence (the first video below), and just had to post it.

The Quick 10: Where 10 Oscar Winners Keep the Little Guy

Stacy Conradt

Don't you wonder what in the heck you would do with an Oscar if you won it? Does it go in a trophy case? Do you just casually display it as a bookend? Keep it in your office?

Swingers: The Life of the Research Fruit Fly

Meghan Holohan

Fruit flies must get excited when they're selected for research roles. The life of a research fruit fly mimics that of a college student.

TED Talk: "We think of our future as anticipated memories"

Chris Higgins

How do we measure happiness? What does it mean to be happy? How do we remember happiness?

How Did You Know Katie Otim and Sheldon Hewlett ?

David K. Israel

We had a record number of players this month, and a record number of 100% correct submissions on Day 5! Vvvvery well done, gamers. We hope you enjoyed our V-themed hunt this month.

February's Most Popular Quizzes

Jason English

1. Are They Canadian? by Jason English * 2. Ashton Kutcher Tweet or Confucius Saying? by Jason Plautz * 3. City Nicknames by Jason

In Space, Can Anyone Hear You Scream?

Matt Soniak

"In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream." That was the tagline for the movie Alien, Ridley Scott's 1979 sci-fi/horror masterpiece.

So a Lion, a Tiger and a Bear Walk Into a Bar...

Jill Harness

What do you do when a raid of a drug dealer's house turns up a lion, a tiger and a bear cub that are each only two months old?

Brain Game: Poem Wot I Writ Myself

Today's Brain Game is a "Poem Wot I Writ Myself," an old member of the mix that we haven't offered in quite some time. Each line of this seven-line poem is a clue to a different

Last Chance! Our Buy-2-Get-1-Free T-Shirt Sale Ends at Midnight

Jason English

One day, you might find yourself working alongside Father Mulcahy from M*A*S*H. He may agree to take a photo with you.