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Teens Create a Self-Cleaning Door Handle to Eliminate Germs

Hannah Keyser

Rest easy knowing that the door handle you just touched (probably) won't make you sick.

5 Questions: Remember "Wen"

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DNA Study Reveals the Panther Chameleon is Really 11 Different Species

Matt Soniak

Even in a place like Madagascar, teeming with charismatic animals, the panther chameleon stands out.

10 Cases of Extreme Writer's Block

Daniel Kolitz

Even the world's most accomplished authors occasionally suffer from this terrifying affliction.

Eerie Images Taken By An Early 20th Century Spirit Photographer

Caitlin Schneider

Long before the existence of Photoshop, so-called “spirit photographers” were manipulating images to convincing—and haunting—effect.

Math Suggests Aliens Could Be Bear-Sized

Hayley Harding

A cosmologist speculates about the size and weight of your average (hypothetical) alien.

Legally Blind Artist Carves Stunning Lamps Out of Logs

Yelena Melnichenko

Duncan Meerding retains just 5 percent of his vision in his peripheries.

10 'Udderly' Fascinating Facts About Cows

Sonia Weiser

You love ice cream, but how much do you really know about the creatures who make your favorite dessert possible?

This Artist's (Surprisingly) Gorgeous Medium: Bananas

Yelena Melnichenko

Romanian artist Dan Cretu turns produce into fine art with his intricate carvings.

How Razzles Are Made

Yelena Melnichenko

How sugar, gum base, and flavoring become delicious treats.

India's Terrifying, Toxic Tree

Stacy Conradt

It sounds like something out of a Grimms fairy tale. But the so-called "suicide tree" of India isn't fiction.

7 Reasons Sleep Makes You a Better Person

Shaunacy Ferro

Sleep helps you learn, improves your immune system responses, and can even help you play the piano better.

The History of the Hamburger, As Told by Pictures Drawn on Hamburger Wrappers

Hayley Harding

We've all had a hamburger, but have you ever heard of a hamburg steak?

Scientists Power a Toy Car Using Evaporation

Hannah Keyser

The team's triumph suggests we have the potential to harness evaporation for renewable energy.

When F. Scott Fitzgerald Met James Joyce

Caitlin Schneider

At a 1928 dinner party in Paris, Fitzgerald kneeled before the Ulysses author, “kissed his hand, and declared: ‘How does it feel to be a great genius, Sir?