The Late Movies: "Purple Rain" Covers (Plus the Original!)

Erica Palan

Purple Rain goddess Apollonia turns 52 today. To honor the most notable partner of the Purple One, we've rounded up an assortment of covers of the signature song from the duo's 1984 film.

Woman Goes Into Labor During Bar Exam, Finishes Test

Jill Harness

Many women who are nine months pregnant wouldn't consider taking the Bar Exam in their condition.

The Most Influential Musician You’ve Never Heard Of

Bill DeMain

For a guy who was a major pioneer of rock ‘n’ roll and rap, not to mention the music video, Louis Jordan is criminally underappreciated.

Keep on Truckin': 15 Stories of Life After Sports

Bud Shaw

Boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard retired in 1982. Then again in 1984. Enough, he said once more in 1987. And 1991.

What Does '100% Juice' Mean?

Ethan Trex

Buying fruit juice at the supermarket is a surprisingly complicated task that leads to myriad questions. What’s really in that “100% juice”?

Happy WiFi Day!

Jason English

Today is WiFi Day (8-02-11)! I'm not sure how we're supposed to celebrate, but I'll throw out two questions for discussion: 1.

MTV's First Hour on the Air (I Mean: on Cable)

Chris Higgins

On August 1, 1981, MTV launched at 12:01am. Below you can see the first hour of MTV, in six ten-minute chunks.

Jules Verne: Poignantly Prescient

David K. Israel

When we think of Jules Verne, we think of the genius behind 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea or Journey to the Center of the Earth (my personal favorite of only because I read it first, at an impressionab

Adventures in Pickling

Miss Cellania

Cucumbers never grew well in the garden at my old home. But this year we broke ground for a garden in the backyard, unearthing flood plain soil that hadn't been cultivated in decades.

Brain Game: Just U and A

Brought to you by the makers of caffeinated coffee and toasted bagels, here's the Tuesday Test Time challenge at the Brain Game.

Morning Cup of Links: How Doors Work

Miss Cellania

Syria has closed its doors to reporters since the Middle East uprisings last spring.

The Late Movies: Cameos by Famous Actors in Not-So-Famous Movies

Allison Lex

What do The Hangover, Ocean's Eleven and Zoolander have in common? They all contain brief appearances by familiar faces -- and all were also hits with viewers.

The Number of the Day: 6,239

Colin Patrick

An artist named Thomas Pavitt has created what he believes to be the world’s biggest connect-the-dots drawing - a portrait of Mona Lisa created with 6,239 individual points.

5 Artists Reportedly Held at Gunpoint by Phil Spector

Bill DeMain

He created the Wall of Sound. He wore crazy wigs. And he loved

How Algorithms Shape Our World

Chris Higgins

In this fifteen-minute TED Talk, game designer Kevin Slavin talks about how mathematical algorithms (a set of instructions that a person or machine can follow) no longer just participate with our worl