A New Year's Eve Champagne FAQ

Ethan Trex

As midnight approaches on December 31st, more than a few of us will crack open a bottle or two of champagne to help toast in the New Year.

6 Cases of Shamelessly False Advertising

Kristen Steagall

Sometimes false advertising is easy to spot.

The Lost Towns of Russia

Ransom Riggs

Photographers in the former Soviet Union seem to really enjoy taking pictures of abandoned buildings, and that's a lucky thing, considering how many of them they have.

From Zippo Cars to the Peepmobile: 7 Bizarre Marketing Vehicles

Erica Palan

If your college was anything like mine, a day didn't go by without some company giving out free samples in wacky cars.

8 Strange & Different Restaurants

Miss Cellania

Opening a new restaurant is risky. 60% of new restaurants close or change ownership within three years.

The 4:41pm Quiz: The Office (#23)

Jason English

At 4pm (ish) each day this month, we'll be posting one of the year's most popular quizzes.

Lunchtime Quizzes: '80s Week Revisited

Jason English

Earlier this year, we ran a whole week's worth of quizzes celebrating the 1980s.

10 People We Lost in 2008 (Who Are Worth Remembering)

Mark Juddery

At the end of each year, the media reflects on the famous people who died over the past 12 months. This year's notable losses include Paul Newman, Edmund Hillary, Tim Russert and Arthur C.

6 Lavish Dog Spas Across America

Scott Allen

After I left for college, my parents and younger sister filled the void with a Jack Russell Terrier.

5 Famous Actors & The Roles They Turned Down

Ransom Riggs

Sean Connery wasn't supposed to be James Bond. Keanu wasn't supposed to be "the One." So, who were the original choices?

On Music: What's Your Default Song?

David K. Israel

Loyal readers of this blog will recall my post on default songs, a term I coined that refers to the song you default to when either there's no song in your head, or you want to get a lousy song O

Brain Game: A Factor Fact

Factors are the integers that can be evenly divided into a given number.

Just one second!

David K. Israel

If you're used to counting down the New Year from 10, 9, 8, etc. this year you're going to have to make sure you go from 11!

6 Presidential Siblings and the Headaches They Caused

Ethan Trex

Every aspect of the American presidency comes under intense scrutiny, but few parts of a president's life contain as many amusing, slightly sordid anecdotes as their siblings' behavior.

The 4pm Quiz: 30 Teams, 5 Minutes "“ NHL Edition (#24)

Jason English

At 4pm (ish) each day this month, we'll be posting one of the year's most popular quizzes.