The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Collect $4 Million; Go Directly to Jail Barry Shell of Brampton, Ontario could call it his lucky day -or his unlucky day. He won $4.4 million dollars in the Canadian Lotto drawing July 18th.

iPhone Spurs Farting Renaissance

Ransom Riggs

iPhones have done for farting what cable did for broadcast news: now you can have the sound of any type of fart, from the "air biscuit" to the "sick dog," at your fingertips 24 hou

Brain Game: The Friday Five

Happy Friday; enjoy today's Brain Game.

Morning Cup of Links: Gangster Deaths

Miss Cellania

A succinct synopsis of World War II.

The Late Movies: SNL's Weekend Update

Mark Arminio

My favorite part of Saturday Night Live has always been Weekend Update.  Here are a few clips of some of the different actors and actresses who have parodied the news (although sadly, I couldn't

Everybody Hurts (Even Crabs)

Matt Soniak

When I'm not blogging for mental_floss, I can usually be found wearing bright orange rubber pants and gutting,cutting and selling fish at my local Whole Foods (and winning awards for it).

Presidential Vacations

Jason English

In case you missed it here last week, Ethan's round-up of Presidential vacation spots is running on right

The Quick 10: Happy Birthday, Marvin the Martian!

Stacy Conradt

Marvin the Martian crash-landed on our planet sixty-one years ago tomorrow.

The One-Man "Rock Band"

Chris Higgins

YouTube user DarthGollumKong apparently has two things: a lot of manual dexterity and a lot of time on his hands.

7 Secondary Football Leagues

Ethan Trex

With Michael Vick out of federal custody and potentially ready to return to football, there's all sorts of buzz around his eventual landing place.

Orbiting the Solar System Backwards

Andrew Moseman

The solar system we're familiar with from elementary school posters and dioramas has nine (now eight) planets and an Asteroid Belt all orbiting the sun rather neatly, chugging along on nearly the

The Mysteries of Animal Hoarding

Ransom Riggs

Maybe you've heard stories about a "crazy cat lady" that lives down the street: the stereotypical older, single woman with fifty cats; so many that they're mangy starving, and yet

Really Weird Bird Anatomy

Miss Cellania

The closer you look, the weirder Mother Nature appears. Some birds that look absolutely common on the outside have anatomical features that will surprise you. Trombone

The 2009 Color of the Year

David K. Israel

While we're not sure what other colors were nominated, we do have a winner. The envelope please"¦ "¦ and the award goes to 14-0848 Mimosa! (rejoicing, cheering, fist

Brain Game: 10 Q, You're Welcome

If yesterday's Brain Game was quick and dirty, today's offering is neither of those.