Brain Game: More Bad Poetry

It's Wednesday, and time for a new entry in the "Poems Wot I Writ" series. Can you decipher this rhyming riddle?

5 Other Photo Sharing Sites Worth Knowing

David K. Israel

To follow up on yesterday's Picasa VS Flickr post, I present five other sites that offer photo sharing.

Morning Cup of Links: Wax Museum Auction

Mario Marsicano

Astronauts who hope to go to Gliese 581d will now need to wear swim trunks under their spacesuits. * Mad Magazine published their 500th issue this week, and the writers have focused their attention

Dreaming of Peace: Diego Rivera

Andréa Fernandes

Tomorrow is the little-known holiday National Dance Day, which coincides with this week's observance of National Dance Week.

The 5pm Quiz: Famous Initials

Jason English

We know a good number of famous middle initials. But how many of us actually know the less famous, oftentimes strange names they stand for? Let's find out.

Photos: Our Readers' Tattoos

Mangesh & Jason

Stacy Conradt asked for photos of your tattoos, and boy did you deliver! Andréa Fernandes sorted through your submissions and has assembled this gallery.

Crimes Perpetrated by Ferris Bueller (and Accomplices) During His Day Off

Chris Higgins

Ask Metafilter has an awesomely nerdy thread on "Crimes committed by Ferris Bueller during his Day off." Here are a few of my favorites: Violation of 720 ILCS 5/32-5.1: False Personati

8 Obscure Rules From the World of Sports

Ethan Trex

After reading Sandy's great Brain Game last week about the MLB rule governing what happens if a player catches a ball with his hat or mask or throws his glove at a ball (the batter is awarded thr

Is There Really an E Street?

Matt Soniak

Editor's Note: Matt Soniak is going to see The Boss in Philadelphia tonight. (And probably tomorrow, too.) Here's a look back at the Springsteen FAQ that Matt put together last

The World of Auto-Tune

Ransom Riggs

Even if you've never heard of auto-tune, you've heard it -- it's that slightly robot-like vocal processing effect that's used in every other pop song these days.

Flu Epidemic vs. Flu Pandemic: What's the Difference?

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

At this point in the news cycle, it may be prudent to define "flu epidemic" and its far scarier sibling, "flu pandemic." "Epidemic" means simply that a sudden outbreak

Brain Game: Perchance

Changing one letter at a time to form new words, and leaving the other letters in their original position, can you convert the word SLEEP into the word DREAM?

Picasa VS. Flickr

David K. Israel

Okay shutterbugs, let's see a show of comments: Who likes Flickr and why? Who likes Picasa and why?

Morning Cup of Links: Gardening on the Moon

Mario Marsicano

GM says goodbye to the Pontiac by 2010.

How Did You Know? {day 5}

David K. Israel

We've reached the last day of our week-long trivia hunt! If you're still with us, congrats on getting this far.