I heard wrong


I heard wrong


Found Objects


Found Objects


5 Bizarre Real Estate Investments

Greg Sabin

So, you're a little hesitant about investing in the stock market.

Brain Game: A Blank Look

There are many words that you could place in each blank to make different terms.

Morning Cup of Links: Chinese Popeye

Miss Cellania

A collection of photos of one family in eastern Kentucky. And the few that were chosen for a magazine slide show. No sensationalism here, nosiree! * The Terrible Thing of Alpha Nine!

The Late Movies: Ed McMahon

Mario Marsicano

As you probably know, everybody's favorite sidekick passed away today at the age of 86.

Nixon's Stance on Abortion

Mangesh Hattikudur

Whether you love him or hate him, Richard Nixon is easily one of the most complex and fascinating characters we seem to tackle.

The Quick 10: 10 Guys Who Have Rocked a Toupee

Stacy Conradt

Phil Spector shocked the world last week - not when he was found guilty of murder, but when he appeared in his prison photo without his wig.

Let's Hear It for Libraries

Chris Higgins

Ray Bradbury is trying to save his local library.

Surprising Facts About 15 Bestselling Authors

Ethan Trex

Heading to the beach this summer? You can't lounge around on the sand without a book, so it's time to hit the bestseller list for a paperback that can get a little wet and sandy.

The First Good News to Hit the Newsstands!

Mangesh & Jason

There's a lot of horrible, terrible, no good, very bad news out there.

Because you need somewhere to keep your iPhone

Mangesh Hattikudur

Designer Kyle Bean's portfolio is really fun to look through. I saw these cellphone nesting dolls on Boingboing's excellent Gadget site, and realized I had to share them.

4 Quick Stories About Iran's Supreme Leader

Eric Johnson

While the protests in Iran continue to rage on, it might help to gain a bit of perspective on the country's leadership.

Body Anomaly Tattoos

Miss Cellania

More people than you realize have some condition that makes their physical bodies different from the majority.

The Solar System's Weirdest Object?

Ransom Riggs

The astronomy that's been making headlines recently is all deep-space stuff -- the search for planets like our own orbiting distant suns in galaxies most of us have never heard of.

Brain Game: The Lineup Card

Logic puzzle aficionados may be able to solve this one in their heads; the rest of us may need pencil and paper (or at least an open spreadsheet).

Morning Cup of Links: Jell-O Contest

Miss Cellania

7 Man-Made Substances that Laugh in the Face of Physics.