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Once Thought Extinct, 'Royal Turtles' Make a Comeback

Hannah Keyser

The 21 young turtles released earlier this week represented the widest range of genetic diversity among the turtles.

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12 Satisfying Videos of Dominoes Falling

Rebecca OConnell

The intricate displays can be tedious to construct, but the payoff, as these clips prove, is totally worth it.

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11 Things Human Engineers Are Learning From Birds

Device Pulls Drinkable Water From the Air As You Cycle

Rebecca OConnell

Thirsty? You'll have to earn yourself a drink.

Plankton Make Clouds Brighter and the Earth Cooler

Shaunacy Ferro

Tiny ocean organisms can play a vital role in the Earth’s climate, according to a new study.

Enoshima Aquarium Becomes Interactive at Night

Rebecca OConnell

WWI Centennial: U.S. Rejects German Stance on U-boat Warfare

Erik Sass

11 Delightful Bento Artists and Their Creations

Miss Cellania

Wouldn't you loive to open a lunch as artfully created as these?

Buy a Century-Old Newspaper Printed on a Leaf

Caitlin Schneider

To cut costs, in 1916 newspaper publisher Luther McQuesten printed "The Mountain Echo" on a leaf. Now you can own this special edition.

4 Garbage Bins That Do More Than Just Collect Trash

Shaunacy Ferro

Waste disposal isn't the only thing trash bins can be used for.

Tokyo Is Getting a Hostel That Doubles as a Bookshop

Rebecca OConnell

Bookworms will be able to fall asleep safely cocooned in literature.

Oldest Evidence For Eating Chicken Found In Israel

Shaunacy Ferro

Early Israelites discovered chicken was delicious.

Meet the Voice of the New York City Subway

Caitlin Schneider

Charlie Pellet, the man who tells MTA passengers to "Stand clear of the closing doors," has one of the most recognizable voices in New York City