The Compact Disc Turns 29

Jason English

Today the compact disc turns 29. The first CD was manufactured at a Philips factory in Germany on August 17, 1982.

Brain Game: MKTWTHY

Good luck with today's Wednesday Wordplay challenge from the Brain Game. The following are the titles of five 1970s songs that hit #1 on the Billboard pop singles chart.

Morning Cup of Links: Hunchcats!

Miss Cellania

The art group Skrekkogle took the graphic of dancing cards that you see when you win computer solitaire and built it.

6 of History's Greatest Art Heists and Scams

Floss books

This past weekend, some daring criminals sauntered into the Marina del Rey Ritz-Carlton hotel and absconded with an original drawing by Rembrandt estimated to be worth $250,000.

The Vice President Who Wrote a Hit Song

Stacy Conradt

History buffs might know the name Charles Dawes, which probably sounds vaguely familiar but can’t-quite-place-him to the rest of us. Here’s a refresher: he was Calvin Coolidge’s vice president.

How Pencils are Made

Chris Higgins

Here's another gem from How It's Made -- an exploration of a German pencil factory, using Californian cedar.

Back to the Future Co-Creator Bob Gale Explains How Marty and Doc Became Friends

Jason English

Yesterday I posted a question mental_floss contributor Brett Savage had asked me via text — “Is it ever explained why Marty hangs out with Doc Brown?" Many people weighed in with theories.

This Song's a Killer: The Strange Tale of "Gloomy Sunday"

Bill DeMain

In Vienna, a teenage girl drowned herself while clutching a piece of sheet music. In Budapest, a shopkeeper killed himself and left a note that quoted from the lyrics of the same song.

The Origins of Weird State Park Names (Part One)

Miss Cellania

My brother sent me this screenshot of Trip Advisor's information on Moses Lake, Washington.


David K. Israel

Sometime soon—like maybe even by the end of this year—the empire will be a thing of the past. Not what they stand for, mind you, but the actual .com nomenclature...

Brain Game: Bay Curse Treat

The Brain Game presents: Tuesday Test Time.

Morning Cup of Links: Drugs and Movie Stars

Miss Cellania

Warren Buffett says, "Stop Coddling the Super-Rich." Everyone else has something to say on whether we should listen to the world's third-richest man or not. * Maru has a book in Engli

Last Day to Save on New Stuff in Our Store!

Jason English

Go do some browsing! Simply use the coupon code CLASSACT before checkout—the 20% off is valid on the Home & Office section only and expires tonight at 11:59 Eastern

The Taliesin Tragedy

Stacy Conradt

Nearly 100 years ago today (97 if you’re really splitting hairs), some of the most horrific murders in the history of Wisconsin took place.

The Late Movies: Double Dutch

Erica Palan

Growing up in Philadelphia, lots of girls in my neighborhood jumped rope. The most impressive did double dutch.