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28 Historical Photos of Dads Doing Dad Things

Erin McCarthy

Happy Father's Day!

There are Poop-Filled Mites On Your Face Right Now

Chris Higgins

It's a good news/bad news thing. Both are that there's nothing you can do about it.

How the Word ‘Father’ Unlocked the History of Language

Arika Okrent

It's no coincidence that the word used to describe dear old dad was so similar across distinct classical languages.

18 Fun Facts About 'The Blues Brothers'

Roger Cormier

Even a broken watch can tell you that the first SNL movie is still one of the most successful SNL movies.

The Clone Words: 15 Fascinating Terms from 'Orphan Black'

Angela Tung

The first rule of Clone Club is: Learn the language of Clone Club.

25 Things You Should Know About Portland

Alvin Ward

Sure, you know about the craft beer, the fancy coffee, and all those awesome food carts. Here are some nuggets about the Rose City you might not have known.

15 Facts About 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force'

Roger Cormier

The longest running original series in Adult Swim history is coming to a close.

How Steven Spielberg's Malfunctioning Sharks Transformed the Movie Business

Bill DeMain

Before Steven Spielberg became Hollywood royalty, he was just another young director with a giant shark problem.

Look West Tonight! Venus and Jupiter Are in the Process of "Converging"

Jessica Hullinger

They're gliding across the sky towards each other all month long.

Solving the Math Problem in 'Good Will Hunting'

Chris Higgins

What was the problem, and was it as hard as the movie made it out to be?

A History of McDonald's Hip-Hop TV Ads: mcdonalds.hiphop

Chris Higgins

Rapping McNugget MCs, breakdancing Ronald, and tons more.

If You Can't Smoke On Planes, Why Are There Still Ashtrays?

Simon Brew

By law, even new planes have to have ashtrays. But why, if smoking has been banned in the air for over a decade?

This Weekend in History

Chris Higgins

The Red Telephone, the first Ferris wheel, and Fermat's Last Theorem was solved (mostly).

Double-Jointedness Is Linked to Anxiety

Sonia Weiser

Extreme flexibility has its downsides.

10 Facts About Hadrosaurus

Mark Mancini

Everything you need to know about New Jersey's official state dinosaur.