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The Missing Links: The Pope's Pink Slips

Colin Patrick

Now THAT’S Body Art Probably not the weirdest thing ever purchased at a thrift store, though. * The Bravery That Built the Big Apple Check out these shots of men that took their lives into th

One Does Not Simply Unicycle into Mordor

Chris Higgins

For your daily dose of geekiness, I bring you The Unipiper (yes, a unicycling bagpiper), practicing his unique brand of performance art in anticipation of the upcoming movie adaptation of The Hobbit.

Cheap, Sustainable Bricks Made from Cow Blood

Matt Soniak

Image courtesy Sanguis et Pulvis You can’t get blood from a stone, but you might get a brick from blood. In his final semester at the University of Westminster in London, architecture student Ja

If Kate Has Twins, Which One Will Assume the Throne?

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

Britons woke up yesterday morning to gleeful headlines declaring that the former Kate Middleton, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, is pregnant.

On Its Way to Interstellar Space, Voyager 1 Explores the Magnetic Highway

Erin McCarthy

This image shows NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft exploring a new region in our solar system called the "magnetic highway." Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech When NASA launched its Voyager

Why Do They Click That Board Thing Before Filming A Movie Scene?

Matt Soniak

Back in the stone age, you might remember, we had to record the events of our lives on video camcorders instead of our phones.

Gorgeous Homes For True Book Lovers

Jill Harness

Photo Courtesy Flavorwire We've seen beautiful libraries lined with books from all over the world, but let's face it—most of us can't really enjoy that sort of luxury at home.

Brain Game: Great But Not So Great

Today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game Tuesday Test Time challenge takes your gaze north to the Great Lakes. Good luck: What THREE U.S.

Morning Cup of Links: Bizarre Cats

Miss Cellania

"The Hawkeye Initiative" Strikes Back Against Modern Comic Art.

History's Grossest Medical Treatments

Jill Harness

The historical medical uses for leeches (some of which are still being practiced today) are pretty well known.

What Causes Morning Sickness?

Kara Kovalchik

Buckingham Palace has confirmed what the British tabloids have suspected for a while: The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting.

World War I Centennial: Balkan Armistice, Britain Warns Germany

Erik Sass

Installment #47: Seeing his armies exhausted following their defeat at Chataldzha, Bulgaria’s Tsar Ferdinand (pictured) finally listened to the pleas of the Bulgarian civilian government and the advic

Chasing Bookworms: What Missing Art Can Tell You About Insects

Matt Soniak

"The Rich Man" by Cornelis Anthonisz (1541), courtesy Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Between the 15th and 19th centuries, Europeans illustrated their books mainly with woodcuts.

Our Big T-Shirt Sale Ends Tonight!

Mangesh & Jason

See something you like? Head over to the mental_floss store and use the code TEES17. But hurry! Sale ends at midnight

The Missing Links: Coffin Therapy

Colin Patrick

RIP: Highway House You know what they say about real estate.