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18 Creepy Facts about 'Arachnophobia'

Erin McCarthy

This skin-crawling classic turns 25 today.

Watch Bill Nye Teach Evolution—Using Emojis

Beth Anne Macaluso

[Thumbs-up][Raised hands][Dancing girls]

The 10 Coolest Places You're Not Allowed to Visit

These places have been completely cut off from the outside world.

10 Little Facts About Leptoceratops

Mark Mancini

This horned dino was so tiny, it could've walked under the belly of a Triceratops.

WWI Centennial: Plotting Serbia’s Demise

Erik Sass

An Ancient Elephant May Have Been Biggest Land Mammal Ever

Mark Mancini

The elephant was a 24-ton colossus, 16 feet tall at the shoulder.

15 Facts to Celebrate the Jungle Cruise's 60th Birthday

Stacy Conradt

Learn more about one of Disney's wildest attractions.

How a Blind Architect is Changing Design

Caitlin Schneider

Chris Downey lost his sight 7 years ago, but never considered leaving architecture. He's continued to design with a whole new set of insights on what it means to experience the world.

Neurotic People May Be More Likely to See Faces in Objects

Jen Pinkowski

If you see faces in random objects, you may be kind of neurotic.

Charlie Chaplin Once Sued An Imposter Named 'Charlie Aplin'

Suzanne Raga

When an imposter started making movies as "Charlie Aplin," the real Charlie Chaplin sued.

13 Dangerous Facts About ‘Jackass’

Garin Pirnia

Don’t try this at home.

Stephen Colbert and Neil DeGrasse Tyson Talk Pluto

Chris Higgins

"It even has a heart, unlike you." -Stephen Colbert to Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Real-Life Creatures with Superhero Abilities

Hayley Harding

As masters of architecture able to hold loads 5,000 times their own body weight, ants are without a doubt superheroes of the animal world, but they're not alone in their superlative abilities.

6 Historical Heads Stolen From Their Graves

Bess Lovejoy

F.W. Murnau isn't the only historical figure to have lost his head after death.

What a Hammerhead Shark Sees

Take a ride on a hammerhead with this GoPro video.