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This Kenyan Village Is Home To Only Women

Hannah Keyser

The Kenyan village of Umoja has become a refuge and new start for women who have been raped or otherwise mistreated by men.

Linking Couples Via "Quantum Entanglement" in the Name of Romance

Roma Panganiban

A pair of linked particles become connected so that whatever happens to one particle also happens to the other.

Pick the Negative Word That Completes the Movie Title

Take the quiz!

10 Gentlemanly Facts About the Miniature Schnauzer

Rebecca OConnell

The miniature schnauzer may be small in size, but that doesn’t affect its big personality.

Baseball Team Experiments With Robot Umpires

Hannah Keyser

While MLB has never used Pitchf/x on an official basis for calling actual balls and strikes, some think the technology should have a future in the majors.

Weaving the Finest Panama Hat in History

Roma Panganiban

Simon Espinal spent eight months weaving an accessory the likes of which the world has never seen before.

An Official Wheaties Beer is Coming to Minnesota

Hannah Keyser

It's not quite beer for breakfast, but it's close.

Can Plants Get Cancer?

Kate Horowitz the mag

If you identify as "flora", beware agrobacterium tumefaciens.

Morning Cup of Links: Real Paleos Ate Carbs

Miss Cellania

Start your week with these great links!

10 Facts for Davy Crockett’s Birthday

Mark Mancini

Born on August 17, 1786, this backwoods statesman has been obscured by myth for nearly 200 years.

How to Toast Around the World

Rebecca OConnell

Learn how other countries toast with friends.

See the Northern Lights From Outer Space

Hannah Keyser

You have to travel to especially high latitudes to get even an earth-bound view of the Aurora Borealis.

5 Questions: Sewing Machine Brands

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Backwards navigation:Forbidden

A Brief History of Cootie Catchers

Caitlin Schneider

How the fate of the fortune teller came to be.

4 Burning Questions We Just Can’t Answer

Foster Kamer the mag

Despite all of the incredible things humans have figured out, we don’t know everything.