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R2-D2 and C-3PO Briefly Appear in Raiders of the Lost Ark

Sean Hutchinson

Looking for George Lucas and Steven Spielberg's easter eggs.

9 Scientific Experiments That Used '90s TV Shows to Manipulate Subjects

Arika Okrent

If you want to know something about what makes people tick, investigate it with something people love—TV!

The Missing Links: Something Is Wrong Here

Colin Patrick

9 More Alternate March Madness Tournaments

Miss Cellania

A Brief History of Jersey Sponsorship

Scott Allen

Yesterday, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said the move to put sponsorship patches on team jerseys is "inevitable." Here are some of the more interesting jersey sponsors over the years.

11 Surprising Facts About Archie Comics

Joy Lanzendorfer

Archie has had a lot more on his plate in the last 72 years than just waffling between Betty and Veronica.

How the New Hampshire Fisher Cats Got Their Name

Hannah Keyser

Through Opening Day, we'll be looking at the stories behind the greatest team names in Minor League Baseball.

Brain Game: It's Time

Sandy Wood

The Most Elaborate Music Video You'll Watch Today

Hannah Keyser

You're going to want to watch it more than once.

16 Ways to Find Love in the Personal Ads (in 1900)

Therese Oneill

Long before online dating, men and women turned to personal ads to find a mate. And they didn't mince words about what they were looking for.

Why Does Inhaling Helium Make Your Voice Sound Funny?

Matt Soniak

Helium's atomic number is 2 and its atomic weight is 4.002602. Its boiling and melting points— -452.1°F and -458.0°F, respectively—are the lowest among the elements.

Chris Hadfield on Going Blind in Space

Chris Higgins

7 Wheel of Fortune Contestants Who Weren't So Lucky

Erica Palan

Last night a "Wheel of Fortune savant" pulled off what Pat Sajak called the "most amazing solve in my 30+ years on the show."

5 Questions: Shades of Red

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6 Theories on the Disappearance of Flight MH370

Hannah Keyser

Dozens of theories have emerged that claim to make sense of this modern mystery, some more far-fetched than others.