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The Epic History of Waffle Cones

Sarah Bruning the mag

The deliciously awesome story behind best edible ice cream holder in history.

The Story Behind The Newly Discovered Dr. Seuss Book

Hannah Keyser

'What Pet Should I Get?' is a new, posthumously released book from Dr. Seuss.

5 Ways Plants Communicate

Shaunacy Ferro

Plants are chattier than you think.

Ukrainian Company Creates Colorful Aluminum Bow Ties

Yelena Melnichenko

A simple, stylish solution for those who would rather hit the town than waste time figuring out a bow tie.

Naval Engineers Create Extremely Intricate Pop-Up Cards

Yelena Melnichenko

Two naval engineers come together to create something truly unexpected with their architectural and design skills.

How to Take Trash Out On The Moon

Caitlin Schneider

Before Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin could set foot on the moon, they had to toss their trash.

12 Haunting Facts About ‘Paranormal Activity’

Garin Pirnia

The found footage hit scared up enough moviegoers to become the most profitable movie of all time.

The AP Releases Thousands of Archived Videos on YouTube

Hayley Harding

The project includes over 550,000 clips that amount to over a million minutes of video.

Genius E-Ink Parking Signs Change Based on the Day

Shaunacy Ferro

Sydney adopts dynamic parking signs that look like e-book screens.

Young Architect Makes Office Out of Empty Beer Bottles

Rebecca OConnell

This home took 8500 beer bottles, four months of work, and approximately $11,000.

The Significance Behind 6 Ancient Egyptian Tomb Staples

Hannah Keyser

Take a look at the religious and cultural meaning behind the art and artifacts of ancient Egyptian tombs.

The Missing Links: The Cutest Thing You'll See All Day

Colin Patrick

Meet the Chainsaw Environmentalist

Colleen Kimmett

When illegal palm trees are planted in protected Indonesian forest, Rudi Putra grabs a chainsaw.

This New Sport Combines Football and Bowling

Hannah Keyser

Introducing fowling.

15 Things You Might Not Know About the Washington Monument

Michael Arbeiter

Although the towering tribute to our first president is a ubiquitous patriotic icon, there might be a few facts you haven’t heard about its days under construction.