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This Jump Rope Harnesses the Energy You Make With It

Michele Debczak

A whole new reason to get out and play.

11 Incredible Stargazing Spots You Can Visit This Summer

Alvin Ward

Want to really see stars? The key to really enjoying a dazzling night of stargazing is finding a remote place with little to no light pollution.

An Artist Proves There's Enough Sugar In Your Soda to Create a Lollipop

Abbey Stone

The next time you go out to eat, consider ordering a lollipop to wash down your chicken caesar salad.

Domino's Now Delivers Pizza Via Airplane to Caribbean Islands

Caitlin Schneider

No man is a pizza-less island. Not if Domino's has anything to do with it.

NASA Tests Rocket Engine That Will One Day Head to Mars

David W Brown

Yesterday, NASA tested a rocket engine that will one day send astronauts to Mars.

This Visualization Shows Nuclear Detonations Since 1945

Michele Debczak

A chilling look at our history of nuclear testing

Use the Bartender's Golden Ratio to Master Dozens of Drinks

Clair McLafferty

Tolkien Fans are Trying to Build a Crowdfunded 'Lord of the Rings' City

Andrew LaSane

WWII Soldier Has Wallet Returned 70 Years Later

Mental Floss UK

An American soldier's lost wallet was found in an Austrian farmhouse 70 years after World War II.

15 Highly Unconventional Sneaker Designs

Jake Rossen

For the Lady Gaga in all of us.

The Missing Links: Make Music On Your Phone

Colin Patrick

Introducing the Mental Floss Crossword Puzzle

Matt Gaffney

Matt Gaffney writes a weekly crossword for mental_floss. Starting...now!

An Art Exhibit That Imagines the Anatomy of a Centaur

Michele Debczak

Artist Bill Willers brings the mythical being to life—well, sort of.

Did VW Accidentally Invent the Stroller of the Future?

Andrew LaSane

Whether this is a real prototype or a clever mock-up for an ad isn't entirely clear, but it does have us thinking: Is this the stroller of the future?

Pod City: 16 Podcasts to Help You Make Sense of the 2016 Elections

Whitney Matheson

Whether you’re hungry for in-depth analysis or just want to hear about the most buzzworthy stories, there’s a podcast to suit your needs.