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5 Questions: "Stuff"ing

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Last Week's Most Popular Stories

Jason English

In case you weren't obsessively refreshing mentalfloss.com all week, here's what you missed.

Weekend Links: The Dog Who Really Eats Homework

Roma Panganiban

Leonardo da Vinci's Piano/Cello Hybrid

Chris Higgins

Q&A: Frederique Olivier, Camerawoman on Penguins: Waddle All the Way

Erin McCarthy

Intrepid camerawoman Frederique Olivier has traveled the world capturing stunning images of wildlife in its natural habitat.

Weekend Links: Van Damme’s Split

Roma Panganiban

The Chemistry of Cookies

Chris Higgins

11 Functional Homemade TARDISes

Miss Cellania

There are many Doctor Who fans who want a TARDIS that works, even if they have to make their own.

10 Strange Protests

DeAnna Kerley

These groups eschewed typical protests for something a little more creative.

12 Proposed Movie Sequels That Thankfully Never Happened

Jennifer M Wood

Some movies beg for a sequel. These are not those movies.

The Missing Links: Even Candy Is Going Digital

Colin Patrick

Watch the Surf Punks Explain the Latest Slang in this '80s News Report

Arika Okrent

Slang has to start somewhere. According to this late '80s video report, the kids were picking it up from California.

15 Delightful Upgrades to Classic Thanksgiving Dishes

GEICO's customer service is delightful, and if you take advantage of these amazing tweaks to holiday standbys, your Thanksgiving dinner will be, too.

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

What Companies Are You Shocked Are Still in Business?

Jason English

On Fridays, I ask a series of unrelated questions. Reading your answers helps me get through the afternoon. Answer one, answer all, or ask your own question. On to this week's topics...