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A New Vaccine for Chlamydia Is in the Works

Shaunacy Ferro

A successful vaccination for one of the most common sexually transmitted infections has long eluded scientists. Now, they may have figured out a way to get the treatment to stick.

Astronauts Are One Step Closer to Eating Salad in Space

Hayley Harding

A big step for veggie-kind: The crew aboard the International Space Station are about to add fresh produce to their diets.

New Research Suggests There Are Active Volcanoes on Venus

Hannah Keyser

Temperature spikes on boiling-hot Venus have scientists thinking the planet has active volcanoes.

This New Service (Finally) Makes Fonts Affordable

Hayley Harding

Fontstand lets users rent individual fonts by the month.

Tips and Tricks for Conquering Bad Breath

Erin McCarthy

A Handy Plant-Identifying App for Urban Foragers

Hannah Keyser

Let your smartphone help you get in touch with your hunter-gatherer roots.

Lithuanian Town Crowns "Most Beautiful Goat"

Hayley Harding

A Lithuanian village celebrated its 645th anniversary the way all villages should: with a goat beauty pageant.

9 Presidential Kids Whose Antics Made News

Anne Schweitzer

Sometimes, under the microscope of media attention, the childlike antics and teenage rebellions of the First Children made national news.

How to Ship a Giant Squid Across the World

Caitlin Schneider

When American Museum of Natural History curator Neil Landman heard a giant squid had been caught off the coast of New Zealand, he knew he had to get it back to New York. The question was how to do it.

Take a Look Inside Mexico City's Massive, Gorgeous Library

Rebecca OConnell

The 38,000-square-meter Biblioteca Vasconcelos houses more than 470,000 books.

How to Have Your Best Game Night Ever

Modern Human's Great-Great-Grandparent May Have Been a Neanderthal

Jessica Hullinger

He was up to 10 percent Neanderthal.

15 Peachy Facts About 'Face/Off'

Eric D Snider

Yes, the movie is incredibly dumb—but darned if it isn’t the kind of incredible dumbness that goes down smooth.

Scientists Find Prehistoric “Batman” in New Zealand

Mark Mancini

Sixteen million years ago, one newly-discovered bat walked with power, earning it a nickname that’s downright super.

Now You Can Smell Like Carlsberg Beer With New Grooming Products

Rebecca OConnell

Carlsberg asks that you shower responsibly