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When and Where Was the First Car Accident?

Matt Soniak

That depends on how you define a “car.” In 1869, Irish scientist Mary Ward was riding in a steam-powered automobile built by her cousins.

What James Cameron Found at the Deepest Known Point in the Ocean

Erin McCarthy

When Titanic and Avatar director James Cameron surfaced from his record-breaking solo dive to the deepest known point in the world’s oceans, Challenger Deep, on March 26 this year, he said the environ

Brain Game: Think Big

You only need come up with a number to solve today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game Think Thursday challenge: When counting integers 1, 2, 3, and so on, what is the first number that, when spelle

Morning Cup of Links: Disappearing Millionaires

Miss Cellania

If you believe the world will end when the Mayan calendar does, you may also believe that Bugarach, France, is the world's safest place.

The Late Movies: The Unicycling Bagpiper of Portland...The "Unipiper"

Chris Higgins

Portland, Oregon is well-known for being weird.

11 Internet-Related Plots from '90s TV Shows

Stacy Conradt

What was cutting edge at the time seems clunkier than Zack Morris’ cell phone today. So fire up that old modem and enjoy the dated technology of your favorite '90s shows.

The Missing Links: Lost in the Triangle

Colin Patrick

This Face Sums Up Most Responses To This An NBA team is ready to change its name to the Pelicans—one of the most ferocious, fear-inducing mascots ever. * The Not-As-Awkward Family Photos The i

Stunning New NASA Video of the Earth at Night

Erin McCarthy

Want to truly appreciate the Earth's beauty?

Martin Van Buren Had a Really Nice Toilet

Brian Abrams

It's December 5th, and we all know what that means: The time has come, once again, to celebrate Martin Van Buren's birthday. In commemoration of the eighth U.S.

6 Weird Gifts President Obama Has Received

the mag

By Lucas

RIP Dave Brubeck: 5 Things You Might Not Know About the Jazz Legend

Ethan Trex

Legendary jazz musician Dave Brubeck passed away this morning in Connecticut, one day short of his 92nd birthday.

Why Are Flea Markets Called That?

Matt Soniak

Jason emailed to ask about the origins of this term (you can send me questions, too, at askmatt@mentalfloss.com).

Brain Game: Yank!

I'm having a back tooth in my jaw pulled this morning (ouch!), and trips to the dentist have never been fun for me.

Morning Cup of Links: Creepy Christmas

Miss Cellania

Be careful what you ask for, especially on the internet.

12 of Stephen Fry's Wise, Witty Quotations

Chris Higgins

Stephen Fry is an actor, writer, poet, TV host, narrator, and for all I know a terrific cook -- the man is so prolific he has a Wikipedia page devoted simply to listing his works.