LA's Drive-Thru Funeral Home

Ransom Riggs

I guess it's to be expected in the country where car culture was invented -- after all, we've got drive-thru restaurants, wedding chapels, strip clubs, trees, and prayer booths.

Decorating With Projectors

Colin Patrick

If you’re impressed by the things being done with 3D projectors in a movie theatre, you’ll likely be blown away by the work of Mr. Beam. On the Mr.

Brain Game: Math Square #70

Submitted for your approval is rendition #70 of the Monday Math Square for the Brain Game.

Follow @mental_floss on Twitter: Amazing Facts, 140 Characters at a Time

Jason English

Follow @mental_floss on Twitter as we charge towards 200,000 followers. We've got a long way to go. Leave us a comment with your Twitter name and we'll follow you right

Morning Cup of Links: Ticklish Penguin

Miss Cellania

Is Chernobyl a Wild Kingdom or a Radioactive Den of Decay?

What Would You Buy With $3 Trillion?

Brett Savage

Last week, the state-controlled Chinese Central Bank released figures indicating the country now holds over $3 trillion dollars in foreign-exchange reserves.

Last Week's Most Popular Stories

Jason English

In case you weren't obsessively refreshing all week, here's what you

Weekend Links: Soup's On! (Primordial Soup, That Is)

Allison Keene

Pixar explains (in a really short video) how animation works, its history, and even creates a beautiful 3D sculpture to go with it. * I always enjoy, and occasionally use, the Twitter hashtag #first

Amazing Tales From the Boston Marathon

Bud Shaw

Runners dressed as Forrest Gump, Elvis, Bozo the Clown and the Cat in the Hat all crossed the finish line in front of me at the Boston Marathon one year. So did a shirtless participant running back

Weekend Links: Human versus Robot is in Your Hands!

Allison Keene

What would you think of someone if they featured one or more of these Social Networking Pillows in their house? I think I would laugh and then give them the side-eye. But wait, there's more!

Subscribe to mental_floss Magazine (or Renew) and Get a $4 T-Shirt!

Mangesh & Jason

It's a great time to subscribe to mental_floss magazine! We've got a nice special going on this weekend—get a subscription + t-shirt for only $25.97. Renewals, too!

The Late Movies: Where Led Zeppelin Music Came From

Miss Cellania

The group Led Zeppelin has copyrights on quite a few songs that were recorded much earlier. Other songs they never filed for copyright, but credited to themselves instead of the composer.

The Six-Word Fact Contest!

Jason English

Let's try something! It's a trivia contest, but you only get six words. Like Six-Word Memoirs, only much less ambitious. Here are some examples I plucked from our vast trivia

Human Beings Are Inefficient Generators of Electricity

Ransom Riggs

So I found this interesting question posed on Reddit today -- something I've wondered myself -- could you use all the people working out at a busy gym to generate power?

The James K. Polk Trivia Contest (Winners!)

Jason English

A while back we announced our James K. Polk Trivia Contest, which was posted in part because of a crack I made about the Polk administration on The Rachael Ray Show.