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Farming May Be Much Older Than We Thought

Shaunacy Ferro

Israeli researchers say a band of hunter-gatherers began experimenting with plant cultivation some 23,000 years ago.

Pod City: Porn Music, Fritos, and More of This Week’s Podcast Highlights

Whitney Matheson

Looking for a tall, frothy podcast to pair with your commute and/or sunny vacation? This week I round up notable episodes featuring Stephen Colbert, Willie Nelson, and other fine folks.

Mexican Government and Street Artists Unite The Community

Rebecca OConnell

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

The strangest news stories of the week.

The Science Behind the Nearly Escape-Proof Rooms in 'Race to Escape'

Erin McCarthy

All that stands between a team and a $25,000 grand prize is a series of challenges that, when solved, will unlock a door.

No One Knows Where This Minnesota Waterfall Goes

Caitlin Schneider

The Brule River in Minnesota splits just before it enters Lake Superior. One side becomes a 50 foot waterfall, and the other pours into a giant pothole. Where it goes from there is a mystery.

Why Cows Might Lose the Milk Market to Camels

the mag

Behind the Scenes of the NYC Subway, Where Trains Are Run on 1930s Switchboards

Shaunacy Ferro

Why Thailand’s Drivers Love Al Pacino Mud Flaps

Keith Cuenca

Or Frank Serpico mud flaps, technically.

The Original Locations of 30 Famous Food Chains

Alex Watt

Ever wonder where your favorite fast food chain first popped up? Look no further.

Japanese Man Grows Star Wars Art In Paddy Field

Mental Floss UK

The team’s inspiration for one particular paddy came from a galaxy far, far away.

An Animated Look at Wind Turbines

Rebecca OConnell

This handy graphic breaks down how wind is converted into the electricity that powers our homes.

These Gelatinous Blobs Clone Themselves—and Fight Climate Change

Hannah Keyser

Sea salps are washing up on shores around the East Coast. Take a look at these incredible animals.

5 Questions: So Long, "Sucker"

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Pop Culture Syllabus: Diners

the mag

The classic American diner has inspired a great many works of art over the years.