Morning Cup of Links: Ogre-Fart Chilis

Miss Cellania

Benevolent Maize and Ogre-Fart Chilis.

Help Us Pick Our Classes

Jason English

It's an annual tradition. Well, it's an annual tradition if you don't count 2006, 2008 or 2010—but it should be an annual tradition.

Massive Box Office Draws Whose Names You Don't Know

Colin Patrick

In Hollywood, big box office returns typically give an actor immense power. By that token, Frank Welker should have more sway than Will Smith, Nicholas Cage or Harrison Ford.

Water Painting: The Beautiful Art of Ebru

Jill Harness

You probably used water colors back in school, but Ebru is nothing like the watered-down paints seen in so many elementary schools.

How Toilet Paper is Made

Chris Higgins

Aaron Cohen over at pointed to another awesome How It's Made clip, this time about toilet paper -- a.k.a.

D23 Day Three: The Force was With Us

Stacy Conradt

I was expecting the last day of D23 to be the biggest because of the Marvel presentation, but it was actually the quietest day yet. I'm sorry to say, comic book geeks, nothing earth-shattering

The Changing Definition of "Flash Mob"

Jason Plautz

When most of us think of a flash mob, it's a big impromptu dance party, a spontaneous pillow fight or hundreds of people freezing in Grand Central Station.

11 Superheroes and Villains at War

David K. Israel

Okay, so the title of this post might be a little misleading.

Mad Scientist of the Month: Who’s Afraid of Taylor Wilson?

the mag

Update (2/7/2012): Taylor Wilson at the White House by Judy Dutton At 10, he built his first bomb. At 14, he made a nuclear reactor. Now he’s

Graphing Worn Out Cinema Trends

Colin Patrick

If you’re a movie lover – or you just love to hate on movies – you’ll probably enjoy the series of movie cliché graphic posters created for the New York International Latino Film Festival by the Wing

Why Are Moths Drawn to Flames?

Matt Soniak

Around the world, moths make kamikaze dives into light bulbs and open flames with such regularity that they have their own idiom.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Orson Welles

Ethan Trex

You know Orson Welles was one of the most revered actors and directors of the 20th century, but how much do you know about his sketchy big break or his deft efforts to make rabbits disappear?

Brain Game: Math Square #87

You know you want to solve it... today's brand new Monday Math Square at the Brain Game.

Morning Cup of Links: Tiny Ponies

Miss Cellania

Video evidence proves that Spider-Man is a jerk, in both Warsaw, Poland, and in Oklahoma City. * An instant guide to the dramatic release of the West Memphis Three.

Art or Makeup?

Jill Harness

Artist Andy Alcala, a student at the University of Iowa, wanted to put a fresh face on classic artworks of the past...or should I say, he wanted to put the artworks on a fresh face?