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The Number of the Day: 200,000

Colin Patrick

Author and professor Philip M. Parker has written more than 200,000 books - aided in large part by a knowledge-gathering computer program he created himself.

Calling All Interns!

Jason English

If you're a great writer overflowing with brilliant ideas for stories and quizzes and you'll be in the New York area this summer, you could be our next intern!


Ransom Riggs

“One morning, as Gregor Samsa was waking up from anxious dreams, he discovered that he had been changed into an adorable kitten.” So begins the latest literary mash-up from our friends at Quirk Books

Biological Warfare in the American Revolution?

Matt Soniak

Popular culture has given us the idea that war used to be less vicious and more orderly.

Making a Study of Film Titles

Colin Patrick

The opening titles of a film can say a lot about what’s to follow.

Brain Game: For Mr. George

A passing in the family requires a few days' respite from the daily Brain Game and 5 Questions quiz. Kara and I plan to return to these duties to begin next week.

Morning Cup of Links: Webby Winners

Miss Cellania

The winners of the Webby Awards have been announced.

The Quick 10: The Stories Behind 10 Celebrity Nicknames

Stacy Conradt

Having a rather straightforward name like Stacy means I'm not really subject to a lot of nicknames.

The Late Movies: Blu

Erica Palan

Blu is the pseudonym of a super-cool Italian street artist, who began his career using spray paint but eventually evolved to use house paint, which gives his pieces a more polished, less urban look.

How Did You Know Sheldon Hewlett and Katie Otim?

David K. Israel

We had a lot of fun giving away daily neatorama prizes this month! We hope you continue to enjoy this new aspect of the game. Thanks for being active on the Facebook page.

Roman Battle Tactics (Jack's Social Studies Project)

Chris Higgins

A friend came across this claymation video created by 11-year-old Jack, explaining Roman infantry tactics for his sixth grade Social Studies class.

The Number of the Day: 40%

Colin Patrick

According to some measures, on any given night, U.S.

Google's Cutting-Edge (and Sort of Creepy) Data Centers

Ransom Riggs

Since we're all talking about the CIA and Tom Clancy-style special ops teams this week -- and the Playstation Network is still down -- I found this video from Google especially interesting.

Niche Blogs: Something for Everyone

Miss Cellania

After posting several lists of niche blogs, I found out that "niche blog" is a term used by web publishers to refer to a blog that is created to market advertising to a specific audience.

Brain Game: Math Square #72

The images for the Monday Math Square just wouldn't work yesterday due to upgrades on the site, so we're trying something totally new and revolutionary, a Tuesday Math Square. Wow, huh?