Tuesday Turnip


Tuesday Turnip


5 Things You Didn't Know About Eddie Murphy

Ethan Trex

Funnyman Eddie Murphy has been on the national stage for nearly 30 years now, so it's understandable that audiences think they know the comedian and actor inside and out.

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Lost Man Drives 400 Miles to Get Newspaper Eighty-one-year-old Eric Steward of Yass, New South Wales, Australia went out to get a morning paper on Wednesday.

Brain Game: Number Block Puzzle #2

Here's the second entry in our Brain Game number block puzzle series. Enjoy! Each of the nine squares inside the main red grid should contain either a 1, 2, or 3.

Strange Geographies: Village Life in Vanuatu

Ransom Riggs

The strangest place I've ever been -- the strangest and most beautiful, I should say -- is a developing nation 1000km northeast of Australia, populated by the friendliest former cannibals you

Morning Cup of Links: Be A Martian

Miss Cellania

NASA needs lots of help sorting through the hundreds of thousands of images they've collected from the surface of Mars.

1 New Product & 5 Fun Facts

Jason English

If the problem with your hot beverage transportation device is that it lacks our logo, you're in luck! This holiday season, we've added the mental_floss travel mug to our store.

The Late Movies: Famous Doctors

Mark Arminio

Yesterday, Senator Harry Reid rolled out the Senate version of the health care reform bill. At 2,074 pages, it's enough to make your head explode.

The Quick 10: Seven Score and Six Years Ago...

Stacy Conradt

Many years (146, to be exact) ago today, Abraham Lincoln delivered one of the most powerful and meaningful speeches of all time.

Bobby McFerrin Makes a Keyboard...Out of People

Chris Higgins

On June 12, 2009, vocalist Bobby McFerrin participated in a panel discussion called "Notes & Neurons: In Search of a Common Chorus" at the World Science Festival.

Group Activity! Presidential Library Scavenger Hunt

Jason English

I was poking around the Reagan Library's online archives (just for kicks) when I found this photo, captioned "Princess Diana dancing with John Travolta in the entrance hall at the White Hous

6 Shows Saved by First-Run Syndication

Kara Kovalchik

One little-known adage in the world of TV sitcoms is "when the networks hand you lemons, there's always first-run syndication." Occasionally, when a series fails to land a place on the

7 More Examples of Owners Behaving Badly

Ethan Trex

Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams caused a minor flap last weekend when he extended two boisterous middle fingers to the Buffalo Bills' sideline.

Happy World Toilet Day!

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

According to the World Toilet Organization—yes, there is actually a World Toilet Organization—2.5 billion people worldwide are without access to proper sanitation, like a working t

Apple Laptop Stickers With Style

Jill Harness

Apple has always been much more about fashion than PCs are, so it's only natural that an Apple computer fan has taken their message of individuality one step further by allowing people to customi

Run Your Life with Flowcharts!

Miss Cellania

Decisions, decisions -you make them constantly about big and little things. Daily decision making might be easier for you if you used these handy flowcharts.