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11 World Cup Heroes Who Weren't Full-Time Professional Players

Nick Greene

Slow-Motion Lightning

Chris Higgins

39 Fun Facts About Comedy

Jason English

In this week's episode, John Green delivers some facts about movies, TV shows, and comedians.

11 Tragic Emotions and How to Properly Act Them on Stage (According to an 1889 Guide)

Arika Okrent

Webster Edgerly had developed a system for “the management of the body and its members” that if carefully studied and committed to memory would turn anyone into “the PERFECT ACTOR.” Here are explicit

11 Stores That Used to Sell Unexpected Items

Kate Erbland

It’s no surprise that not every hugely popular retail giant was an instant success, but it may be a little shocking to realize that plenty of well-known stores didn’t even start out selling the stuff

11 Comic Sans Disses and Tributes

Erin McCarthy

When Vincent Connare designed Comic Sans for Microsoft, he couldn’t have known how controversial his font would become.

5 Questions: Dodge Cars

Pass rate:75 %
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11 Drafts of the Most Famous Phrase from 'The Little Prince'

Erin McCarthy

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry didn't come by the phrase "What is essential is invisible to the eye" easily.

11 More Obvious Things Confirmed by Science

Hannah Keyser

Brace yourself!

11 Octopuses Caught in the Act of Being Awesome

Mark Mancini

Check out these videos and photos of octopuses winning at life.

15 Things You Might Not Know About Minnesota

Scott Pierce

Four Different Species Use the Same Odor to Exploit Each Other

Matt Soniak

Chemical warfare. Hijacked communications. Stowaways. Eavesdropping. Sounds like the makings of a spy movie, but it’s just another day in nature.

15 Things You Might Not Know About Massachusetts

Sean Hutchinson

How Boston's Neighborhoods Got Their Names

Jake Seiner

Boston was one of America’s earliest settlements, and that is reflected in its neighborhood and town names.

Our Nerdcations Issue is on Stands Now!

Jessanne Collins