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Sh*t My Students Write

Ransom Riggs

My in-laws are both teachers -- one of English, the other of English as a second language -- so I hear stories like this all the time.

10 Crocheted Science Fiction Figures

Miss Cellania

You wouldn't have known it before the age of the internet, but yarn crafts can be very geeky.

Brain Game: Don't Fail!

Today's Tuesday Test Time is alliterative, but don't let that throw you. Today's challenge might take you seconds or minutes, but most of you should be able to figure this one out.

Morning Cup of Links: Spider Tango

Miss Cellania

A jumping spider's mating dance only needs the proper music to make it perfect!

The Late Movies: Nine Terrible Videos

Ransom Riggs

I won't make you guess the theme of tonight's Late Movies -- it'd be way too obvious.

8 Unofficial Special Event Days at Disney

Rob Lammle

While there are plenty of official special event days at Disney theme parks to let you meet like-minded people, they don't cater to every niche audience.

The Number of the Day: 19

Colin Patrick

Rappers and poets take note: Most people have heard there are no words that rhyme with "orange." But according to Dictionary.com, there are 19 words in the English language that have no perf

Kid Casting

Chris Higgins

Kid Casting is a Tumblr devoted to one simple, awesome pursuit: collecting movie screen captures showing the same movie/TV character portrayed as both a kid and an adult.

It's Timeline Time!

Colin Patrick

Graphs, flowcharts, and Venn diagrams have long been popular on the interweb. Could timelines now be taking their turn in the visual graphic sunshine? The minds behind When the What think so.

When Can We Have A Space Elevator?

Ransom Riggs

The space shuttle's retirement has prompted me to think a bit harder about the future of the American space program.

Why Does the Shower Curtain Always Try to Get Me?

Matt Soniak

For those of you who take baths or are simply unconcerned with hygiene, let me explain the horror that is the “shower curtain effect.” You get in a nice hot shower first thing in the morning.

Brain Game: Math Square #73

If the image gods are listening today, you'll see Monday Math Square #73 below for today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game.

Morning Cup of Links: Pendulum Waves

Miss Cellania

When We Tested Nuclear Bombs. See a series of photographs from the 2,000 nuclear tests performed since 1945. (via Metafilter) * IKEA manuals for various science fiction universes.

Last Week's Most Popular Stories

Jason English

In case you weren't obsessively refreshing mentalfloss.com all week, here's what you

The Late Movies: Mousetrap Chain Reaction

Miss Cellania

Disney produced a documentary promoting nuclear power in 1957 called Our Friend the Atom. It has been shown in countless high school science classes since then.