3 Hells on Earth

Scott Allen

What do San Jose, Applebee's, Wyoming, Chuck E. Cheese, and the Apple Store have in common?

Remixing Kubrick

Chris Higgins

Us _floss bloggers are obsessed with Stanley Kubrick. And why not, with an endless stream of new Kubrick-related material hitting the web?

What happens if we run out of seeds?

Ethan Trex

Plants are a crucial part of the environment, but in many ways they're frustratingly delicate.

A Few Words on a Few Friends (of the Floss)

Mangesh & Jason

In the right-hand column of, you'll find a list of our friends.

Brain Game: Rhoda Rooters

It was lunchtime at the WJM newsroom in Minneapolis, and sandwiches were served all around. Lou, Mary, and Murray ate a quick lunch at their desks, while Ted had his delivered to his dressing room.

Raisin' a Rumpus: an Interview with Stephen Elliott

Ransom Riggs

There are many short biographies of writer Stephen Elliot floating around the internet, but this one, from the Chicago Tribune, is my favorite: Elliott has been a ward of the State of Illinois, a s

Creatively Speaking: Hallie Ephron

David K. Israel

Creatively Speaking continues today with author and journalist Hallie Ephron.

Morning Cup of Links: Traveling Cupcake

Miss Cellania

In case you missed it, here's a transcript and video of president Obama's inaugural speech.

Catching the Heart of America: Andrew Wyeth

Andréa Fernandes

On Friday, January 16, 2009, the American painter Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009) passed away.

Our Next Book Giveaway: The Book of Useless Information

Jason English

First, a little housekeeping.

6 College Pranks We Wish We'd Thought Of

Ransom Riggs

What is it about the collegiate atmosphere that inspires pranks? Maybe it's the lure of becoming a school legend, your hilarious exploits recounted 'round bonfires for years to come.

The Quick 10: 10 Cereals That Will Give You a Toothache Just By Reading About Them

Stacy Conradt

I could probably eat cereal for every meal. I love Franken-Berry, but I only allow myself to have it once a year (at Halloween, of course).

Dead Celebrities Brought Back To Sell Stuff

Kara Kovalchik

Readers always write, and I love to hear from them—especially if they have an intriguing TV-related question that makes me jump up and down yelling à la Arnold Horshack "Oh! Oh!

Celebrating the Inauguration

Andréa Fernandes

President Barack Obama's inauguration is being celebrated and watched not just around the U.S., but all around the world. Each group is celebrating in their own way.

Italy's Most Famous Drowned Town

Ransom Riggs

Since Roman times, the towns of Graun and Reschen high in the Alps near the Italian-Swiss border had been occupied.