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5 Questions: State of "Being"

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6 of History’s Nastiest Jobs

Michele Debczak

Somebody had to do them, and we're just glad it wasn't us.

Paleontologists Discovered a Salamander Trapped in Amber

Michele Debczak

This unlucky guy is the first-ever salamander to be found preserved in amber.

10 Things We Learned from Patrick Stewart’s AMA

Jennifer M Wood

1. He’d totally rock a mullet.

Hate the Sound of People Chewing? You Might Have Misophonia

Shaunacy Ferro

Some researchers argue that being aggravated by mouth-related sounds can be a psychiatric disorder.

8 Decidedly Different Twitter Feeds

Miss Cellania

Twitter offers more than one-liners, links, and pictures of lunch.

Recreate the Low-Quality Magic of VHS Tapes on Your iPhone

Rebecca OConnell

Nostalgia never looked so bad and felt so good.

Scientists Gave a Crocodile Helium to Understand How Its Vocals Work

Shaunacy Ferro

Imagine a bunch of crocodiles inhaling balloons! (That's not quite what happened, but we can dream.)

See Gorgeous Photos of Earth, One Square Mile at a Time

Caitlin Schneider

How 230-year-old legislation inspired an Instagrammer.

15 Fiery Facts About 'Barton Fink'

Roger Cormier

What's in the box? Use your head.

Artist Reveals the Awesome Anatomy of Toys

Andrew LaSane

On paper, the idea of someone dissecting a toy to expose its skeleton and organs sounds like a child’s worst nightmare—but in practice it’s actually pretty neat.

The Color of a Mirror Is Not What You'd Expect

Michele Debczak

And no, the answer isn't ‘no color at all.’

Why It’s So Hard to Remember Which Day of the Week It Is

Shaunacy Ferro

Researchers find that people attach more meaning to Mondays and Fridays, but have fewer mental representations of mid-week days.

11 Elegant Facts About Top Hats

Megan Thielking

From the patriotic number that Uncle Sam sports to the titular topper in Dr.

The Ice Bucket Challenge Led to a Major Breakthrough in ALS Research

Michele Debczak

Here's the difference $220 million in donations made.