Science-ish Tricks for Parties

Chris Higgins

Want to impress your friends with science? Okay, not so much "science" as cleverly constructed bar bets relying mostly on physics, human perception, and some chemistry?

Taxidermy Gone Wild

Miss Cellania

Art takes many forms and uses a variety of media. A skilled artist can make a thing of beauty out of any available material, including dead animals.

Brain Game: Sea Duty

Beware the power of Tuesday Test Time! Actually, it's just a bit of fun. Most will solve today's puzzle in well under five minutes (but hey, no pressure!).

Morning Cup of Links: Balsa Tree Nectar

Miss Cellania

Larry Marten wanted to build a coffin for his father as one last gift.

Making Money: Currency in the Confederate States

Ethan Trex

When the Civil War began, the Confederacy quickly found itself facing a pressing issue: fighting a protracted war is really, really expensive.

The Quick 10: 10 Royal Wedding Presents to Avoid

Stacy Conradt

Well, the Royal Wedding is upon us.

The Late Movies: Painting Sound

Ransom Riggs

Tonight's "Late Movies" is a mix of photos and videos, all of which owe their existence, in large part, to sounds.

9 Things to Remember About Bobcat Goldthwait

Brian Abrams

“You can’t really pick how you’re going to be remembered,” Bobcat Goldthwait said last year on the WTF with Marc Maron podcast.

Steven Sasson: Inventor of the Digital Camera

Chris Higgins

In this short video, Steven Sasson shows the original digital camera he invented at Kodak -- it's roughly the size of a toaster, has a (physically) huge memory card for temporary storage, and use

Who Reads Books?

Ransom Riggs

Update: These statistics appear to be from a 2003 survey conducted by a company called The Jenkins Group.

The Science Behind Our Fear of Daleks

Jill Harness

If you're familiar with Doctor Who, then you're most certainly also familiar with his mortal enemies, the Daleks.

Watching Abbey Road

Colin Patrick

A quick Google Images search for Abbey Road returns the iconic photograph of four Liverpool lads engaging in a famous stroll through a crosswalk of the London street. As Miss Cellania revealed pre

Brain Game: Math Square #71

Monday Math Square #71 is the challenge for today's Brain Game. Good luck! The nine white squares inside the main red grid should be filled with the digits 1 through 9.

Morning Cup of Links: Screwups and Curveballs

Miss Cellania

The 5 Biggest Backfires in the History of Disaster Relief.

Could You Really Dig a Hole to China?

Matt Soniak

In theory, yes. In practice, your journey through the planet might be hampered by the planet’s molten