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Who Invented the Hot Dog?

Jason English

Every Monday, Craig Benzine answers a question from one of our readers.

Are Bees Really All That Busy?

Matt Soniak

Some bees don’t really do any work at all.

15 Words Plagued by Unusual Silent Letters

Arika Okrent

5 Questions: Brad Minus "T"

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Teenagers Just Can't Figure Out the Original NES

Erin McCarthy

Brain Game: Taking Up Space

Sandy Wood

What Would Happen If You Stopped Dreaming?

Roma Panganiban

A Tour of the Internet in 1993

Chris Higgins

Here's what the Internet looked like 21 years ago.

Weekend Links: Our Enormous Sun

Roma Panganiban

5 Things We Learned from The Knick's Medical Advisor

Chris Higgins

How Should I Chill My Glassware?

Clair McLafferty

The Missing Links: A Different Look at Famous Scenes

Colin Patrick

15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Clerks II

Sean Hutchinson

The Most Popular NFL Team by County

Nick Greene

"The New York Jets do not have a plurality of fans in any U.S. county."

26 Fancy, Unusual Plurals That Work Like “Attorneys General”

Arika Okrent

Some plurals work in unexpected ways.