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The House from ‘The Goonies’ Has Been Closed to Visitors

Michele Debczak

There's goes another childhood dream.

Is it Just Me, or Does Spring Feel Shorter Each Year?

Amanda Green the mag

Pod City: ‘The Disney Click,’ ‘Rerun,’ and More New Podcasts Worth Checking Out

Whitney Matheson

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

The oddest news stories of the past week.

New Study Shows Psychopaths Don’t Catch Yawns

Shaunacy Ferro

Contagious yawning doesn’t affect people with empathy issues.

Wolves Are Officially Back in California

Michele Debczak

The Golden State welcomes some very special new residents.

World’s Oldest Message In a Bottle Found After 108 Years

Shaunacy Ferro

A researcher threw the note into the North Sea in the early 1900s—and a family vacationing in Germany just found it.

Mental Floss Crossword #2

Matt Gaffney

Matt Gaffney writes a weekly crossword for mental_floss.

There's a Network of Tunnels Under the White Cliffs of Dover

From our friends at Atlas Obscura.

Study Confirms Robots Aren't Coming For Our Jobs

Hannah Keyser

Your place in the workforce is safe. For now.

Julia Child's Recipe for Shark Repellent

Caitlin Schneider

The strangest recipe the iconic chef ever made.

Theodore Roosevelt and the First Presidential Car Ride

Stacy Conradt

The 26th president of the United States was not impressed.

9 Movies That Were Changed for International Audiences

Rudie Obias

It’s easy for the details of a movie to get lost in translation. So filmmakers adapt.

What Happened to Vitamins F Through Z?

Julie Winterbottom the mag

Watch Ladybugs Take Off in Slow Motion

Rebecca OConnell

Have you ever noticed how ladybug wings are a lot bigger than the little red shells they hide under?