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Delicious Dioramas Made of Food

Shaunacy Ferro

Artist Carl Warner makes intricate landscapes out of ingredients from the produce aisle.

Match the Two Parts of These Odd Facts

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15 Amazing Sleeping Habits of Animals

Caitlin Schneider

The many weird and wonderful ways animals manage to catch some z's.

Earth’s Deepest-Dwelling Centipede Discovered in Croatia

Mark Mancini

This leggy inch-long assassin spends its entire life thousands of feet below the surface of the Earth.

The Time the Roosevelts Served Hot Dogs to Royalty

Stacy Conradt

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, people in the U.S. eat more than 7 billion hot dogs. In 1939, that included the Roosevelts and their guests, the King and Queen of England.

Rudeness Is Contagious

Shaunacy Ferro

Bad behavior spreads between people like cold germs, according to new research.

15 Fascinating Facts About 'The Dark Crystal'

Roger Cormier

It's the fairy tale that almost ruined Jim Henson's career—and could have left him bankrupt.

Morning Cup of Links: Underwater Caves of the Yucatán

Miss Cellania

What Makes Red Meat Red?

Shaunacy Ferro

Furthermore, what color is human meat?

15 Things You Might Not Know About Yellowstone National Park

Michael Arbeiter

There's more to Yellowstone than Old Faithful.

Pluto Looks Very Small When Compared to Countries on Earth

Rebecca OConnell

This Live Feed Shows The Staggering Array of Constant Cyber Attacks

Hannah Keyser

Scary, huh?

The First People Entered the Americas 23,000 Years Ago, Study Finds

Shaunacy Ferro

Genetic analysis of the ancestors of modern Native Americans supports the idea that there was one wave of migration from Siberia.

5 Questions: Wooden Things

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15 Pairs of Different Words That Surprisingly Come From the Exact Same Source

Arika Okrent