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How to Appreciate Modern Art Like a Pro

A Smaller Staircase Just for Dogs

Rebecca OConnell

Stairs have long been a nemesis and hated obstacle for tiny dogs.

The Murphy Behind Murphy's Law

Stacy Conradt

Musical Preferences Can Predict How Empathetic You Are

Shaunacy Ferro

More empathetic individuals are more likely to enjoy soft rock, a new study finds.

Works of Art Recreated in Oreo Filling

Rebecca OConnell

New Korean Flip Phone Runs on Android's Lollipop OS

Rebecca OConnell

Don't call it a comeback—not yet, anyway.

Name the One-Syllable Words That Rhyme With 'Mind'

Take the quiz!

10 Mighty Facts About Great Danes

Rebecca OConnell

Great Danes are known for casting a shadow over most other dogs—and small children. Learn more about what makes this colossal canine tick.

Tarrare, the Greatest Glutton of All Time

Bess Lovejoy

Meet Vincent Van Gogh's Brother, Vincent Van Gogh

Stacy Conradt

The elder Vincent had a profound influence on his artist brother—despite the fact that the two never met.

How Do Anthills Survive the Rain?

Rebecca OConnell

The ant fortresses you find on your lawn have a number of defenses.

The Man Who Built Suburbia

Jake Rossen

By building 36 homes a day, William Levitt made a fortune—and reinvented American domestic life.

Morning Cup of Links: From Short to Feature Film

Miss Cellania

Cool links to get your week started right!

10 Genius Acts of Awesomeness

Jeff Wilser the mag

Making the world a better place can be tough. But as these tenaciously altruistic moves prove, sometimes all you need is a great idea.

A Light Powered by Salt Water

Rebecca OConnell

Rural communities in the Philippines will no longer have to depend on kerosene and candles to illuminate their homes at night.