19 Weird Clauses in Baseball Contracts

Ethan Trex

Baseball contracts aren't just about money. They're also about bonus clauses and sweet, sweet perks.

I hid a book. Can you find it?

Ransom Riggs

Operation Teen Book Drop is a great new initiative, which donates thousands of books each year to Native American reservations and tribal lands, and also works with hundreds of authors, who drop copie

What Kind of Tweeter R U? The 13 Types on Twitter

David K. Israel

Some of you may recall my post on the 13 Types of Friends on Facebook.

12 Specialized Government-Run Police Forces

Ethan Trex

You know all about your local police force, the FBI, and other familiar law enforcement offices.

Win a Copy of The Book of Awesome!

Jason English

Neil Pasricha's uplifting new book, The Book of Awesome, hits stores today.

Niche Blogs: Awesome Animals Edition

Miss Cellania

In the continuing series on highly-specific blogs, there are many that deal with animals. Cute Overload and I Can Has Cheezburger?

Brain Game: Padlocks for Everyone!

"Padlocks for everyone!" That's my motto; something a bit nonsensical to contrast with the logic puzzle that is the Thursday Brain Game.

Morning Cup of Links: Thanks, Alot

Miss Cellania

The iPad was apparently developed for the convenience of cats, since the touch screen doesn't require typing, or even opposable thumbs!

The Late Movies: Steve Martin's "L.A. Story"

Chris Higgins

Released in 1991, L.A. Story is my favorite Steve Martin movie -- yes, I like it even better than The Jerk.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot: A Brief History of Presidential Pitching

Matt Soniak

"Last year, more Americans went to symphonies than went to baseball games.

Happy National Bookmobile Day!

Miss Kathleen

According to the National Library Association, National Bookmobile Day is "an annual celebration of the contributions of our nation's bookmobiles and the dedicated professionals who make qua

Screen Caps from Movies

Chris Higgins

This is nice: Screen Caps is a site presenting HD-quality screen captures from movies, without commentary or explanation. Just big crazy screen caps, many of them suitable for desktop wallpaper.


David K. Israel

Who doesn't like to kill zombies?

The Quick 10: Mr. Men and Little Miss

Stacy Conradt

Welcome to part three of our nostalgic children's book Quick 10s! Today we're visiting Roger Hargreaves' world of Mr. Men and Little Misses. 1. Mr. Tickle was the first Mr.

Can Morphine Prevent PTSD?

Meghan Holohan

Throughout the history of medicine, doctors have prescribed opium-based drugs.