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This Bible Museum Features Rejected Celebrity Wax Figures

Michele Debczak

Giving celebrity worship a whole new meaning.

15 Fascinating Facts About 'The Departed'

Sean Hutchinson

15. Scorsese won his first (and so far only) Oscar for the movie.

This Clock Tells Time With "Lively Blobs" and Electromagnets

Caitlin Schneider

It's like the grownup version of playing with iron dust and a magnet.

The Adventurous Life of Jane Dieulafoy, Pioneering Archaeologist, Artist, and Feminist

Miss Cellania

Jane Dieulafoy wasn't like most French women of the 19th century.

Oddly Calming GIFs of Tattooing in Slow-Motion

Andrew LaSane

13 of Orson Welles' Greatest Put-Downs

Jake Rossen

The famed director on meeting Hitler, colorization, and dog farts.

Artist Turns Ukiyo-e Woodblock Prints Into GIFs

Rebecca OConnell

Tokyo-based artist Segawa Thirty-Seven has been taking iconic woodblock prints and bringing them to life with whimsical animations.

This Sailor Cat is Getting an Elaborate Retirement Party

Rebecca OConnell

After many years of service, Erik the Red is going into retirement.

This Travel Jacket Is as Nerdy as It Is Awesome

Michele Debczak

It's the last jacket you'll ever need to own.

9 Strange Uses for Ancient Egyptian Mummies

Bess Lovejoy

In centuries past, mummies were put to a variety of inventive uses: art, commerce, science, entertainment, and possibly even paper making.

The Missing Links: Why Are People Still Joining the Empire?

Colin Patrick

A Brief Introduction to Howard the Duck

Andrew LaSane

You may have noticed his cameo at the end of "Guardians of the Galaxy," but Howard the Duck has been around longer than you might remember.

Fat Feels Stress, Too—And That May Make You Fatter

Jordan Rosenfeld

According to a new study, your body takes cues that it’s stressed not only from the brain but from fat itself.

19 Facts About the 19th Amendment

Mark Mancini

On August 18, 1920, American women finally secured the right to vote. Calling the victory hard-won would be a terrific understatement.

The Most Popular Emoji in Each State

Arika Okrent