Morning Cup of Links: Darth Vader on Your GPS

Colin Patrick

Before you cut into those Halloween pumpkins, make sure you check out History Channel’s nifty Pumpkin Carving Patterns.

Lunchtime Quiz Leftovers

Jason English

The Late Movies: Fantastic Music Collaborations

Mark Arminio

Last week on The Colbert Report, noted folk / alt-rocker Jeff Tweedy (of Wilco fame) played a track with legendary soul singer Mavis Stapes.  This performance inspired me to put together a list of oth

The Quick 10: 10 Places to Stay if You're Looking for a Scare

Stacy Conradt

Looking for a last-minute Halloween getaway? Then this is the Q10 for you.

Scenes From Our Birmingham Trivia Show

Will Pearson

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to our Birmingham trivia show on Tuesday night. We had a packed house at Cantina and raised $2000 for the Ronald McDonald House.

At the Libraries: What Are Books Good For?

Miss Kathleen

Every week, Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of stories about libraries, authors, and books.

Greatest Facts Contest Extended Through Sunday

Mangesh & Jason

We're on the hunt for the Greatest Facts in American History, and we're giving away $1000 in prizes in the hopes you'll help us find it! Did you know that: Growing up, George Was

The Men Behind the Masks

Ethan Trex

Chewbacca, Sloth, and Big Bird are all iconic roles, but could you pick any of the actors who played them out of a lineup? Probably not.

Why is it "Boilerplate text?"

David K. Israel

Etymology time! I was in a meeting yesterday and the consultant must have used the word "boilerplate" 10 times in 10 minutes.

The Slightly Creepy, Mostly Cheesy World of Horror Hosting

Ransom Riggs

Growing up in Southwest Florida, we had Dr. Paul Bearer. Other people knew Vampira or Elvira or Svengoolie or Grimsley -- all regional TV horror hosts.

Scientists Create Flubber-Like Effect Using Nanotubes

Chris Higgins

Now I'm no scientician, but I can tell you that the following video shows some seriously weird science.

Getting to Know Haunted House Operators

Colin Patrick

October is the time of year when, to quote a great man, “Creatures crawl in search of blood, to terrorize y’awlls neighborhood.” Much is made about the exploits of those creatures – vampires, mummies,

10 Amazing Eyeless Animals

Jill Harness

Eyeless animals can seem almost alien compared to those we're used to, but a lack of sight doesn't have to mean a loss in senses or abilities. The one in the picture above is an olm, whic

Morning Cup of Links: People Who Became Nouns

Colin Patrick

You know you’ve really done something with your life when your name becomes a noun. * AV Club offers this intriguing interview with Davis Guggenheim – director of the much talked about new documenta

Brain Game: Five-by-Five #4

Here's the Five-by-Five concept with a brand new twist. Enjoy! Unscramble the following words and place them into a 5 × 5 grid so that they link together.