19 Photos of Ronald Reagan With Various Celebrities

Jason English

It seems like a good time to bring up one of my favorite websites, the Reagan Presidential Library—specifically the MEETING WITH V.I.P.s and CELEBRITIES section of the library's historical photo

neatorama presents: HDYK? – {day 3}

David K. Israel

It's an all-new 5-day trivia hunt! Co-puzzle Master Josh Halbur and I are happy to bring you the next How Did You Know?

Net Neutrality: Explained! (with cute drawings)

Ransom Riggs

I earn some of my living on the internet -- I'm doing it right now!

Live Like a Hamster (Only 99 Euros a Night!)

Jill Harness

Would you want to spend the night in a refurbished Boeing 747? What about a Swedish silver mine? Perhaps a converted wine cask is more your style.

Wildlife From the World's Largest Wetland

Jill Harness

Spread across the eastern borders of Paraguay and Bolivia along with the western edge of Brazil sits the Pantanal, the world's largest wetlands area.

Brain Game: Really, Really Bad Rebus #21

It's Think Thursday here at the mental_floss Brain Game, and time for another Really, Really Bad Rebus.

Morning Cup of Links: Smooth Criminal on the Cello

Colin Patrick

Fans of Star Wars, Sesame Street, and 80’s music should think long and hard before reading 17 Images That Will Ruin Your Childhood. * Speaking of childhood, how much better would everyone feel about

The Late Movies: White People Rapping Poorly

Chris Higgins

The Tumblr White People Rapping Poorly is devoted to cataloging, you guessed it: bad raps by white people. It's off the'all.

How Did You Know? – Day 2 Level 3/Bonus Round

David K. Israel

YES! You can play this challenge/contest without knowing a thing about the weekly hunt! It's sort of a one-off - a stand-alone if you will.

At the Libraries: Are Novelists Ignoring the Internet?

Miss Kathleen

Every week, Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of stories about libraries, authors, and books. If there's something fun going on in your local library, leave us a

Attention Anyone Willing To Do Me a Favor...

Jason English

To all loyal _flossers (and also new people who just happened to stumble upon this post): I don't ask you for much,* but today I need to ask a

neatorama presents: HDYK? – {day 2}

David K. Israel

It's an all-new 5-day trivia hunt! Co-puzzle Master Josh Halbur and I are happy to bring you the next How Did You Know?

Dietribes: Artichokes? Thistle Be Good!

Allison Keene

• The artichoke's history dates back to antiquity. Mythology has it that when Zeus spotted Cynara, a beautiful young mortal, he transformed her into a goddess.

Wearing the Other Team's Colors Can Cost You Your Job

Ethan Trex

© Mark Cowan/Icon SMI/Corbis You’ve probably already heard the story of Chicagoland car dealer John Stone’s abrupt dismissal from his job on Monday.

Xtranormal: Videos Anyone Can Make

Ransom Riggs

Watch this first: I made the video above in about four minutes, for free.