New Theories on the Origin of Life

Chris Higgins

Today the New York Times brings us an interesting look at the origin of life.

3 Dearly Departed Amusement Parks

Ethan Trex

When Six Flags filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Saturday, everyone who enjoys a good rollercoaster probably cringed.

Magazine Sneak Peek!: The Strange Case of Arthur Conan Doyle

Mangesh Hattikudur

As a 3rd grader, I was obsessed with Sherlock Holmes. I walked around the neighborhood trying to solve cases. I took all of the mystery books out of my elementary school library.

5 Historical Figures (and Families) ID'd with DNA

Meghan Holohan

For some historical figures, death wasn't the end of their journeys. As wars were waged and empires changed, famous bodies were moved from graveyard to graveyard. Others were simply lost.

The 3Ms of Procrastination

Mangesh Hattikudur

I love stop-motion stuff, and this is one of the most clever videos I've seen in a while.

Brain Game: Time to Kill

Seconds make minutes, minutes make hours, hours make days. You can probably take it from there. But before you do, please try today's Brain Game.

Morning Cup of Links: The Heart Attack Grill

Colin Patrick

Check out the 63 diamond behemoth that the Pittsburgh Steelers will be lugging around on their knuckles from now on. * Nothing says stylish & safe like a skirt that turns you into a vending mach

Brilliant Babies Shop at the mental_floss Store

Jason English

We're excited to announce two new additions to the kids section of the mental_floss store.

The Late Movies: Absurdly Young Virtuosos

Ransom Riggs

If there's one thing people seem to love watching on YouTube, it's little kids rocking. Lucky for them, there are plenty of musical prodigies out there to sate their demand.

Edward Cullens Invade The Sims 3

Chris Higgins

Here's one for the Twilight fans.

The Quick 10: 10 Authors and their Typewriters

Stacy Conradt

I bought a vintage typewriter this weekend for $25. I don't think it's a particularly valuable model or anything, but it looks cool and makes a really satisfying typing noise.

How One Man Saved Bulgaria's Jews

Mark Juddery

World War II Bulgaria didn't have a Schindler, and it didn't have a list. It had a white-bearded mystic named Peter Deunov and an entire nation standing behind him.

Where Are They Now? The Cast of The State

Joe Hennes

It's one of the most highly regarded sketch comedy shows in television history, but few people have seen The State, which ran on MTV from 1993 to 1995 and featured talented comedians who would go

Wedding Registries That Don't Include Gravy Boats

Ethan Trex

Wedding season is in full swing, so chances are you'll be scouring a registry or two in search of the perfect gift over the course of the next few months.

Brain Game: Hot & Dry

A breeze of a puzzle on a warm Monday heading into summer; enjoy!