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World’s First Nuclear Power Plant is Open for Visitors

Roma Panganiban

5 Cutting-Edge Treatments for Inflammatory Diseases

Jordan Rosenfeld

Inflammatory diseases are common—and hard to live with. Here are five potential treatment breakthroughs.

A Vincent Van Gogh Self-Portrait Made From 50,000 Flowers

Roma Panganiban

Volunteers have constructed a towering recreation of one of Van Gogh’s own self-portraits.

15 Buzzworthy Facts About Bumblebees

Shaunacy Ferro

They air-condition their own nests, eat constantly, and choose their children's sex.

25 Things You Should Know About St. Louis

Emily Becker

Read on to learn more about the Gateway to the West.

14 Underused Words Coined by James Joyce

Mark Peters

10 Writing Tips From Stephen King

Yelena Melnichenko

How Great Britain Reacted to 'Star Wars'

Chris Higgins

The Force was with London.

The Sweetest 'Sesame Street' Moment

Chris Higgins

This is profoundly delightful.

'Raiding the Lost Ark': The Ultimate 'Raiders' Companion

Chris Higgins

"Raiders of the Lost Ark" is 115 minutes long. This movie ABOUT "Raiders" is 143.

5 Things We Learned from Rick Moranis on 'Bullseye with Jesse Thorn'

Chris Higgins

Why he quit show business, how the Bob and Doug sketches started, and his disastrous early experience on radio.

The Real People Behind 10 Fashion Houses

Stacy Conradt

Before their names became fantastically expensive fashion brands, these people were just individuals opening up their own shops.

Does Drinking Alcohol Kill Brain Cells?

Matt Soniak

No, but it does cause temporary damage that can become permanent with alcoholism.

15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About 'Cheech & Chong: Still Smokin'

Alvin Ward

15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Vegas Vacation

Sean Hutchinson