4 Great American TV Shows Stolen from the British

Kara Kovalchik

If British TV shows are so darned great, why do U.S. producers insist upon remaking them instead of showing the originals? There are plenty of reasons!

Be Amazing: Finally Get Your Own Hoverboard

Be Amazing

Whether you're looking to become invisible, swallow a sword, quit smoking, find Atlantis, get out of jury duty, buy the Moon, sink a battleship, perform your own surgeries, or become a ninja, our

Places of the Dead: 8 Extraordinary Burial Sites

Miss Cellania

There are many places you may have never heard of that serve as memento mori- a reminder that we are all mortal, and that not every culture buries their dead six feet underground.

Making Fun of Stars' Names

Ransom Riggs

Over the last few years, we've seen a new trend in celebrity public relations: gently making fun of yourself.

Brain Game: Flip a Quarter

If you're ever sorting through your pocket change and come up with a quarter that resembles the one depicted to the left, you might want to turn it in to the authorities.

IQ-tips: Computer Timesaver Tips

David K. Israel

Some of you may know some of these tips, but if you're like a lot of people out there, you may not know them all.

Morning Cup of Links: Weaponized Animals

Miss Cellania

The government's Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan is supposed to help up to 9 million people lower their mortgage payments.

Highlights from Cricket's Strangest Matches

Special Guest Star

by Andrew Ward You might not know how to play. But that shouldn't stop you from learning how to deal with cricket's most common problems.

Smart Blocks: Siftables

Chris Higgins

MIT grad student David Merrill and his team created a set of computerized toy blocks, called Siftables, that are aware of each other.

The 5pm Quiz: Celebrity Fragrances

Stacy Conradt

Over the past few years, we've cranked out hundreds of quizzes. Chances are you haven't aced them all just yet. We'll be re-running a quiz from the archives each day at 5pm.

The Quick 10: Happy Birthday, Barbie!

Stacy Conradt

She's 50 next week, you know. I feel like she's probably had some work done "“ she looks way too good for being five decades old.

9 Cruise Ship Activities for Sports Enthusiasts

Scott Allen

Until the International Maritime Organization signed a treaty in 1990 banning the dumping of plastics by cruise ships into the ocean, hitting golf balls off the back deck was as synonymous with onboar

4 Presidents (and one VP) Humbled at National Parks

Special Guest Star

BY BRIAN KEVIN As soon as he became the first director of the National Park Service in 1917, millionaire borax magnate Stephen Mather promoted the parks as the ultimate social equalizers, places &quo

Be Amazing: Print Your Own Money

Be Amazing

Whether you're looking to glow in the dark, swallow a sword, quit smoking, find Atlantis, get out of jury duty, buy the Moon, sink a battleship, perform your own surgeries, or become a ninja, our

6 Tent Cities Making a Difference

Special Guest Star