Buggin' Out!


Buggin' Out!


Morning Cup of Links: Mr. Show Predicts the Future

Colin Patrick

These 40 Examples of Incredible Photo Manipulation are all completely stunning. * Funny Exams is a tribute to the bravest and most entertaining of our nation's student failures. * A sketch fr

The Late Movies: Holiday Inn's "Mark" Campaign

Jason English

Today's edition of The Late Movies is not sponsored by Holiday Inn, but you probably couldn't tell the difference.

The 5pm Quiz: Spinal Tap

David K. Israel

Every other person I know says he/she loves the movie This is Spinal Tap. Whelp, it's time to separate the real diehards from the wannabes.

The Quick 10: 10 Extreme Points in the United States

Stacy Conradt

We're working on planning our annual Halloween trip to Disney, but we're thinking about veering a little bit off of our usual trip this year to spend a couple of days in Key West.

Ze Frank on His Internet Projects

Chris Higgins

Ze Frank is best known for his video blog, The Show, which brought a new dose of humor every day from March 17, 2006 through March 17, 2007.

Where Are These Thousand Islands? The Origins of 7 Condiments & Sauces

Ethan Trex

We've looked at the origins of a few of our favorite condiments on the blog before, but that didn't quite answer all of our questions about the namesakes of our favorite spreads, sauces, and

Strange Geographies: The Salton Sea

Ransom Riggs

In the 1950s the Salton Sea was touted as "the American Riviera." But years of polluted runoff have left the place desolate.

7 Names Inspired By Poetry

Mark Arminio

From Shakespeare to Sylvia Plath, Gilgamesh to Dylan, poets have left an indelible mark on our culture.

If They Build It: 9 Other Sports Facilities by the Architects of Camden Yards

Scott Allen

In 1983, Chris Carver, Ron Labinski, Joe Spear, and Dennis Wellner founded the first architecture firm dedicated exclusively to the design of sports facilities.

Magazine Sneak Peek!: Skyscraper Farms and Other Architecture of the Future

the mag

Some people are claiming that these Japanese plant factories are the wave of the future.

Brain Game: Jed & Zed Need Socks

Today's Brain Game isn't a trick; just logic. Enjoy! Identical twin brothers Jed and Zed - both completely blind - preferred to dress alike. One day, they entered a clothing store.

The 2.0 Dope

David K. Israel might go down as one of the coolest Web 2.0 sites to come down the pipe, or it might turn out to be a colossal flop.

Morning Cup of Links: 100th Birthday Parties

Colin Patrick

Name Your Tale is a very interesting concept.

Now Batting... your iPhone

David K. Israel

We knew it was just a matter of time. What we didn't know, was how little time it would take. Starting today, you'll be able to watch live Major League Baseball games on your iPhone.

The Late Movies: Card Tricks

Chris Higgins

Tonight let's take a look at some fabulous YouTube card tricks! This first trick is a classic David Blaine routine in which he seems to shoot a card through a glass