Walt Disney's MultiPlane Camera

Chris Higgins

In this seven-minute video, Walt Disney describes the MultiPlane camera.

10 Performers Who Died Onstage

Greg Sabin

Whether it was a lackluster crowd or weak material, performers love trading stories about the night they absolutely died while doing their shtick.

Dietribes: Yogurt Made Me Cultured

Allison Keene

• Believe it or not, the Bible mentions yogurt in Genesis, where Abraham fed it to his guests.

Turd Burgers, Anyone?

Ransom Riggs

Last week it was human breast milk from genetically-altered cows.

Brain Game: Sssssmokin'!

While my parents never smoked - and I gave up the habit 15 years ago - both my grandfathers enjoyed their tobacco. One loved cigars, while the other enjoyed his pipe.

Morning Cup of Links: Prison Cake

Miss Cellania

There are pictures we are all familiar with, but who are the people in the pictures?

The Quick 10: 10 Literary Smack-Downs, Quips, and Squabbles

Adrienne Crezo

There's an adage they give you when you receive your name badge at the door of Writer Land: "You only compete with yourself." While most authors hold true to this (at least in public),

The First Few Minutes of the Ferris Bueller TV Show

Jason English

If you weren't in a quiz-taking mood earlier today, you missed this clip from the TV adaptation of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, which debuted in 1990 and lasted 13 episodes.

10 Classic Computers You Had as a Kid

Chris Higgins

1. Commodore

Hot in Doylestown

Jason English

Image Credit: Flickr user Brainwise. We were just looking at our Facebook page statistics and learned something new: we're huge in Doylestown, PA.

Color Match


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The Pelican Brief Project

Ransom Riggs

If there's one thing I like more than mysteries, it's complicated art projects done for seemingly no reason. The Pelican Brief Project has both!

Attention _flossers in and around Columbus, Ohio...

Jason English

We're due for another edition of The Mental Floss Trivia Show! One place we're considering for our next stop is Columbus, Ohio.

10 Stories of Lifesaving Dogs

Miss Cellania

He's unbelievable! He's some dog! He's a lifesaver! That's what l'll call him, too! Ol' Lifesaver! That will be your name! -Navin R.

Brain Game: An Oscar Trio (or Better)

Ponder today's Tuesday Test Time to see if you can come up with the four famous names in question.