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The Cupertino Effect: 11 Spell Check Errors that Made it to Press

Arika Okrent

Typos and other errors have always managed to find their way into print, even in the most august of publications.

11 Bizarre and Dangerous Items Sold by Sears in 1902

Laura Steadham Smith

11 Great Geeky Math Tattoos

Jill Harness

11 Fun Facts About Hockey Pucks

Mark Mancini

10 Common Words You Might Be Mispronouncing

Amanda Green

Pronunciations change over time. See if you've been mispronouncing these common words.

11 Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense: Best of Wikipedia

Chris Higgins

11 Tips H.P. Lovecraft Had for Novice Writers

Erin McCarthy

19 Great Quilts That Keep Geeks Cozy

Jill Harness

Everyone needs something to keep them warm at night. Geeks might want one or more of these totally nerdastic quilts.

What You Look Like When You Sneeze

Miss Cellania

11 Colorful Phrases From Ancient Roman Graffiti

Mark Mancini

11 Common Words You're Probably Mispronouncing

Amanda Green

Ever feel embarrassed when you don't know how to say a word? Don't be. Even the most fluent English speakers—and, ahem, political figures—stumble. Besides, pronunciations change over time.

Why Is a Baker's Dozen 13?

Ethan Trex

Morning Cup of Links: The Government Shutdown

Miss Cellania

The Criminal Lives of 5 Classical Musicians

David W Brown

If you want to see the right way to stick it to the man, you’ve got to look at the greats of classical music.

Where Did the Looney Tunes “Acme Corporation” Come From?

Matt Soniak