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The Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

6 well-known novelists collaborate with artists to create new comics for The Guardian & more...

The Orange Cave Crocodiles of Gabon

Matt Soniak

In 2010, a group of scientists went on an expedition into the Abanda caves in the rainforest of Gabon.

32 Car Name Origins

Jason English

Fresh off being named one of the 100 Most Influential People, John Green sat down to discuss the meanings of many car brand and model names.

The Time John Wilkes Booth's Brother Saved Abe Lincoln's Son

Ethan Trex

An odd connection between the Lincoln and Booth families.

Understanding Vaccination: The Cold Chain

Chris Higgins

Let's dig in to this slightly geeky technical problem—one that literally means the difference between life and death.

18 Fun Facts About 'Teen Witch'

Jennifer M Wood

We’d like to see Harry Potter try and top that!

Why Are “Rhyme” and “Rhythm” Spelled Like That?

Arika Okrent

English spelling is a crazy mess, but it’s a mess that makes sense if you look at how it got that way.

Morning Cup of Links: Banned For Life

Hannah Keyser

5 Questions: Hyphenated

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Why is it Called a "Radio Flyer"?

Stacy Conradt

To figure out the story behind one of America’s classic childhood toys, we have to start in Venice, Italy.

U.S. Population Distribution by Race

Randy Olson

Devinn Jani used 2010 Census data to paint the racial map of the United States.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Plateosaurus

Mark Mancini

The word “dinosaur” wasn’t invented until 1842, but people have been stumbling across their bones for centuries, and possibly even millennia!

The Missing Links: Rock Bands Illustrated

Colin Patrick

6 Products That Were Ahead of Their Time

Therese Oneill

Not even early adopters were ready for the initial versions of these products.

9 Bizarre Weapons That Failed Spectacularly

Judy Dutton

Sometimes military research and development pays off. And sometimes you end up running from a flaming pig.