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Tuesday Turnip


Tuesday Turnip


Will Pearson on The Morning News

Jason English

Our co-founder and president Will Pearson sat down with The Morning News to talk about the history and future of mental_floss, and to discuss his superior athletic ability.

Cookie Tin Guitars and Vegetable Orchestras: Unconventional DIY Instruments

Ransom Riggs

I washed dishes at a local restaurant for a whole summer when I was 15 to save up for my first guitar -- a Rickenbacker 360 -- which I'm still not all that amazing at playing.

A Brief History of Staples

In the Beginning

People have been writing words on paper for a lot longer than they've had convenient ways to firmly bind those pages together.

How Did You Know? - {day 2}

David K. Israel

It's an all-new 5-day trivia hunt, with an all-new set of puzzles, prizes, and collaborators! In addition to the usual $100 and $50 gift certificates to our store for the first place winner and

The Strange World of Lab Mice

Mangesh & Jason

The caged rodents in today's labs aren't the guinea pigs of yesteryear.

A Few Quick Things About Little League

Casey Johnston

With the Little League World Series in full swing, now's a good time to go over a few things you might not know about Little League. Little League was formed with the express purpose of being

Brain Game: Just Ralph

Today's Brain Game may seem unanswerable at first, but don't let that throw you. The puzzle is really in two parts...

Morning Cup of Links: Horrific Bosses

Miss Cellania

Meet the forgotten 90 percent of your brain: glial cells, which outnumber your neurons ten to one.

The Late Movies: Live-Action Shows of the 1970s

Mario Marsicano

Earlier this summer we were treated to a Will Ferrell remake of Land of the Lost, which turned out to be a disappointment to most fans.

The Quick 10: Nine Women Who Inspired Beatles Songs (and one song not inspired by a woman)

Stacy Conradt

I'm going through a serious Fab Four phase at the moment, I think because of the eminent release of The Beatles: Rock Band (09.09.09, people, it's just around the corner!!).

Game Show Prep: More Facts About Fresca

Kara Kovalchik

We're betting that Ken Basin will never forget what that fourth button was for on LBJ's desk.

7 Space Missions to Remember

David Holzel

This is the International Year of Astronomy. The U.N.

Mozilla Service Week

David K. Israel

Working for a large non-profit keeps me abreast of all the great volunteering opportunities coming up. Thought I'd pass this one along, for all you techies in the blog.

Blue Rats Walk Again

Meghan Holohan

For decades, rumors have been spread about the magical powers of M&M's. Some claim that green M&M's act as an aphrodisiac.

Oil in LA: Underwater Edition

Ransom Riggs

Two weeks ago, my photo essay Oil!