Tuesday Turnip


Tuesday Turnip


Miraculous Stories of 5 World Leaders

Mangesh & Jason

Our new cover story on leaders is filled with the bold ideas and strange measures that politicians have taken to try and better their countries.

The Rise of the Flapper

Miss Cellania

Several factors were in play in the 1920s for the emergence of what came to known as flappers, teenagers and young women who flouted convention and spent their time pursuing fun instead of settling do

Brain Game: Ella Minnow

I always wanted to write a book that included characters with names like G.A. Tchai, Jay Caye, and Ella Minnow. One day. Anyway, today's Brain Game also involves the letters L.

Morning Cup of Links: Telephone Superpowers

Miss Cellania

The Boy Who Heard Too Much. Blind teenager Matthew Weigman used his "telephone superpowers" to run a crime spree from his bedroom. * How to defeat your toddler using karate techniques.

The Late Movies: Very Public Cellphone Disruptions

Ransom Riggs

It's always embarrassing when your cellphone goes off at the wrong time -- in a class; in a movie theater during a quiet, dramatic scene; in an important meeting.

The Quick Eight: Eight Author-Musicians

Stacy Conradt

Sometimes, people are just so creative and full of thoughts that a single outlet for creativity is simply not enough. This does not apply to me.

Trivial Pursuit Trivia

Kara Kovalchik

During a game of Scrabble in December of 1979, Canadian journalists Chris Haney and Scott Abbott decided to create their own board game.

Weird Hotels 'round the World

Ransom Riggs

When it comes to accommodations, there's good weird and there's bad weird.

Tree Bark Eating for Beginners

Mangesh & Jason

As the economy sputters, everyone's looking for new ways to save on food. That's why, we asked David Clark to collect a whole bunch of no-budget meal ideas for the new issue.

The Top 20 Jewish Comedians of All-Time

David K. Israel

Picking only 20 was hard. Comedy is just something Jews do well.

The Butter Bell

Miss Cellania

What grabbed my attention this week is a low-tech, possibly even ancient gadget called a butter bell.

Brain Game: Harold Has Class

Welcome to a new Brain Game for Monday! School has just started, and high school student Harold is getting accustomed to his schedule for the fall semester. Harold is taking six classes - En

Morning Cup of Links: Helen Keller Speaks

Miss Cellania

Debt: The first five thousand years. The history of how we came to be beholden is linked to slavery, violence, and greed. (via Metafilter) * 21 Oddly Named Places and the Stories Behind Them.

I (Want to) Know What You Did This Summer

Jason English

I didn't take any fancy or enlightening vacations this summer. My wife and I had four weddings to attend in a five-week stretch, plus our daughter's first birthday extravaganza.

8 Songs Inspired by Real Women

the mag

This article originally appeared in a 2006 issue of mental_floss magazine. Songwriters have found inspiration in all sorts of places, from transvestites to team tennis titans.