Found Objects


Found Objects


The Weekly Recap

Jason English

In case you weren't obsessively refreshing all week, here's what you missed: Top 5 Stories Originally Posted This

The Weekend Links

Allison Keene

So Miss C already posted the link to the trailer for Mega Shark versus Giant Octopus, but I have another YouTube treasure to share. Hawk Jones - a movie made up entire of kids ... and it shows.

Lunchtime Quiz Leftovers

Jason English

The Late Movies: The Rat Pack

Mario Marsicano

Have you heard the latest Frank Sinatra news? Martin Scorsese has signed on to direct the biopic. Martie wants his boy Leo DiCaprio to star, but the studio wants Johnny Depp.

Levitating Frogs May Destroy Everything*

Chris Higgins

So let's say you've got a high-energy magnetic field.

The Quick 10: Happy Birthday, L. Frank Baum!

Stacy Conradt

Happy Birthday to L. Frank Baum, who would have been 153 today. To honor the man behind the man behind the curtain, I thought we'd check out some details of his rather interesting life. 1.

Looking for something to do in Brooklyn tonight?

Mangesh & Jason

Our friends at New Amsterdam Records are throwing a release party tonight for Nadia Sitora's debut album, first things first.

Win a Copy of Origins of the Specious

Jason English

Last May, we welcomed grammar legend Patricia T. O'Conner as a guest blogger. She has a new book out, and for today's Friday Happy Hour, we have two copies to give away.

10 Great American Animal Races

Mario Marsicano

Growing up in upstate New York, my dad and I would go to the Saratoga Races every August. There's nothing like watching your horse come around the final turn, battling for the lead.

You're Not As Hot As You Think You Are

Ransom Riggs

Ever wonder why people sometimes hate looking at photos of themselves?

5 Mentally Ill Monarchs

Martha Brozyna

Throughout history, kings and queens typically inherited their positions. Therefore, it's not surprising that some royals were not really up for the job.

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Office Fridge Sends Seven to Hospital An office worker in San Jose, California decided to clean out the workplace refrigerator on Tuesday. The old food was taken out and placed on a table.

Brain Game: Really, Really Bad Rebus #9

Holy cow! It's been two months since we last offered a Really, Really Bad Rebus.

Morning Cup of Links: Looking for Aliens

Miss Cellania

The Cannes Film Festival is in full swing and runs through May 24th. Keep up with the festivities at the official site. * This is why you pay attention to warning signs.

Art-World Prodigy: Honoré Sharrer

Andréa Fernandes

Honoré Sharrer (1920-2009) passed away at age 88 a month ago, on April 17, but her death was only announced by her family last week.