Morning Cup of Links: Pasta and Tomatoes

Miss Cellania

12 Events that will Change Everything.

The Late Movies: Guess the Theme!

Mark Arminio

Welcome to the (almost) weekend! Like every Thursday night, we're playing Guess the Theme! All the clips below have something in common.

Stanley Cup Shenanigans: XXXXX Marks the Spot

Ethan Trex

Image credit: Scorpion0422 The Boston Bruins hoisted the Stanley Cup on Wednesday night, which means that players like Patrice Bergeron and Zdeno Chara are going to get their names engraved on the

The Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company Turns 100

Brett Savage

One hundred years ago, The International Time Recording Company, Computing Scale Company, and Tabulating Machine Company merged to become the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company.

Jaleel White Was Almost Rudy Huxtable

Jason English

This news comes from a Q&A with Vanity Fair's Mike Ryan: Is it true that you were originally cast as Rudy Huxtable on The Cosby

Testing Cell Phones in 1979

Chris Higgins

In this 1979 AT&T Archive video, a series of 70's-tastic dudes and ladies use car phones to talk on the phone IN A FREAKIN' CAR! Truly amazing, and so authentic that it looks fake.

Recreating Starry Night With Household Objects

Colin Patrick

If you’d like to see Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpiece The Starry Night in person, you’ll need to head to New York City’s Museum of Modern Art – where it's been part of the permanent collection sinc

Would a Dingo Really Eat Your Baby?

Ethan Trex

Every Seinfeld fan remembers the scene in which Elaine broke out her best Australian accent and dingo theory. Are dingoes really known for eating small children?

Nominative Determinism: Yes, That's His Real Name

Miss Cellania

Nominative determinism is the theory that a person's name has some influence over what they do with their life. Keep that in mind as you read this story.

Brain Game: The Four States (That) Matter

Think Thursday with the crew here at the Brain Game.

Morning Cup of Links: Freefall Dancing

Miss Cellania

A Fathers Day Story, from Justin Halpern, author of Sh%@ My Dad Says.

Battle of the Babies: a White House Brawl

Stacy Conradt

In this corner: Baby Ruth Cleveland.

The Late Movies: What Song Are You Listening To? (London, Copenhagen, Singapore, Lisbon, Philadelphia)

Chris Higgins

Two weeks ago, I pointed to a street video from New York, in which filmmaker Ty Cullen asked passersby who wore headphones "Hey, what song are you listening to?" Commenters asked for more v

Fun With Famous Logos

Colin Patrick

Have you sent a package via FedEx recently? If so, you might have noticed that that image above is not their logo.

People Who Became Nouns: Jules Leotard

Jason English

Hulton Archive/ has a really big gallery of people whose names live on in dictionaries and on products, including Samuel Maverick, Rudolf Diesel, Etienne Silhouette, and Rev.