Tuesday Turnip


Tuesday Turnip


Wife fattening


Wife fattening


9 Game Show Stories Worth Retelling

Mario Marsicano

There's something intriguing about watching someone answer a question, or spin a wheel, or pick a suitcase. That's why game shows have been around for nearly three-quarters of a century.

The Late Movies: TMBG's Venue Songs

Ransom Riggs

I've been a fan of They Might be Giants for about as long as I've been a fan of music in general, but despite the already-enormous body of work they've generated in the last 20 years, t

The 5pm Quiz: Middle Initials

Ben Smith

We know a good number of famous middle initials. But how many of us actually know the less famous, oftentimes strange names they stand for? Let's find out. Take the quiz: The Name Behind The

The Quick 10: 10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Harry Potter

Stacy Conradt

With Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince coming out in the U.S. later this week, it's time to out myself as a Slytherin Supporter. Maybe you already knew that.

There's a Good Chap

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

If you've ever read anything by P.G.

Not Playing Around: 8 Lawsuits Involving Video Games

Scott Allen

Sam Keller, who played college football at Arizona State and Nebraska, recently filed a class-action lawsuit claiming that video game giant Electronic Arts and the National Collegiate Athletic Associa


Miss Cellania

Soap bubbles are fun. If you have ever watched a baby play with blown bubbles for the first time, or seen a dog snap at them, or given a child a bubble bath, then you know how magical they can be.

The Benefits of Swearing

Ransom Riggs

Growing up, they teach you that swearing is a bad habit -- but no one ever explained why it was a bad habit for so many people.

Brain Game: B-sides

This isn't a full-fledged logic puzzle, as you need only place five items in their correct order; but it should provide a nice challenge for a Monday.

The Only 4 Hawaiians ever to make the MLB All-Star Team

David K. Israel

When the Phillies' Shane Victorino received a record 15.6 million fan votes last week, he beat out the Giants' Pablo Sandoval for the last spot on the National League All-Star Team.

Morning Cup of Links: Bad Taxidermy

Miss Cellania

Taxidermy at its worst. Many of these specimens were found for sale on eBay or Craigslist, so there's a chance you could have one for your own.

Bride of the Wind: Leonora Carrington

Andréa Fernandes

Leonora Carrington, requested by reader Brandon Z., is one of the last living original Surrealists.

The Weekend Links

Allison Keene

Think you know the 80s? Page 2 offers up their version of The Ultimate 80s Quiz.

A 10 Fact Salute to Casey Kasem

Kara Kovalchik

Earlier this week the venerable Kemal Amin Kasem, better known to radio listeners as Casey Kasem, announced that he was stepping down from his weekly countdown show.

The 5pm Quiz: Before They Were Famous

Brett Savage

Sometimes it takes a while before an actor can hit it big. A long while. Almost every international star and studio darling has suffered their share of humiliating assignments.