Folding bikes


Folding bikes


Brain Game: Can I Buy a Vowel?

We received some fun entries for possible future puzzles for the Brain Game, but we could use more. If you have one, please send it to me at

Morning Cup of Links: Disaster Porn

Miss Cellania

14 Basic Skills All Men Should Possess. I am assuming they mean "men" as in mankind, since these are skills all women should have as well. * The story of prisoner F95488.

19 Unusual Sports Injuries (Including 'Too Much GameBoy')

Ethan Trex

Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Ryan Dempster just hit the disabled list with a fractured big right toe he suffered while trying to hurdle the dugout railing to go celebrate a Cubs win.

The Late Movies: More Richard Feynman Explanations

Chris Higgins

If you enjoyed yesterday's post Richard Feynman Explains Trains, here are some more clips from the same interview -- from a 1983 BBC program called Fun to Imagine. First up, Feynman explains w

The 5pm Quiz: So, Where'd You Go To College?

Jason English

Let's see if you can guess where some notable people earned their undergraduate degrees.

If the U.S. Stopped Importing Oil, How Quickly Would We Run Out?

Ethan Trex

Obviously, America would be in trouble. We'd have to subsist off of what we have stockpiled and what we can drill for domestically. But the government has planned ahead.

Errol Morris on Robert McNamara

Chris Higgins

On Monday I pointed to The Fog of War, an Errol Morris documentary about Robert McNamara, former US Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam era.

Where does your Secret Door go?

Ransom Riggs

Ever had a day so crazy you just wanted to stop the world and get off for awhile? When I have those days, I start imagining a door.

The Quick 10: The 10 Most Expensive Photographs Ever

Stacy Conradt

You know the photo of Einstein with his tongue sticking out - we use it all of the time here at the _floss.

Amazing Facts, 140 Characters at a Time

Jason English

At some point early this morning, our number of Twitter followers hit quintuple digits. Right now, we're sitting comfortably at 10,039.

Creatively Speaking: Mike Sacks

David K. Israel

I first discovered Mike Sacks on McSweeney's. He's a hilarious writer, who's also penned pieces for mags like The New Yorker and

Brain Game: Prime Time

I try very hard to produce original content for the Brain Game, so it's nice to have the occasional holiday.

Morning Cup of Links: Food Mysteries

Miss Cellania

What do you do when an airline breaks your guitar and hasn't resolved the matter a year later? Write a song about it, of course! * Solving Food Mysteries.

10 Sports Terms Named for People

Ethan Trex

Convinced that you might not have what it takes to make a sport's Hall of Fame? That doesn't mean your name can't live on forever in the game's lore.

Power to the People: John August Swanson

Andréa Fernandes

Today's "Feel Art Again" features the American artist John August Swanson at the request of reader lisa, who describes Swanson's work as "Color for a taupe world!" Some