Tuesday Turnip


Tuesday Turnip


TiVo Classics: What's the Oldest Show Saved on Your DVR?

Jason English

1. My wife (then fiancée) Ellen bought me TiVo for Christmas in 2003. That very TiVo is still in operation, which is great, because she bought me the lifetime service contract to go with it.

What's New on the White House Walls

Ransom Riggs

Hopefully, what you put on your walls (besides paint) should do more than just match the couch -- it should make a statement about who you are.

6 Bizarre Explanations from the set of Roseanne

Kara Kovalchik

This article originally appeared in July of 2008. Someday when that Big Book of Sitcom Pitfalls to Avoid is published, Roseanne will definitely be the first entry listed under "star megalomani

Morning Cup of Links: College Pranks

Miss Cellania

Newly restored footage of the Apollo moon landing.

The Late Movies: Animaniacs

Mark Arminio

Growing up, one of my favorite after-school shows was Animaniacs, a clever combination of cartoon mayhem often with an educational slant.  Tonight, The Late Movies takes a look at some of Yakko, Wakk

The Quick 10: Woolworth's Five and Dime

Stacy Conradt

On July 17, 1997, Woolworth's closed their doors for good.

New Shirts in the mental_floss Store!

Jason English

We'll be rolling out a variety of new shirts in the next few weeks, starting with these.

A Brief History of Presidential Vacations

Ethan Trex

We're in the throes of summer vacation season, but at least one American is still on the job.

Lunchtime Quiz: Highway Havoc

Jason Plautz

I'm a bit directionally-challenged, so when I'm in my car, I tend to cling to my Mapquest directions or road atlas.

What Kind of Friend are YOU? The 13 Types on Facebook

David K. Israel

When it comes to parties, I tend to arrive late. With Facebook, one of the centuries biggest parties, I made no exception.

Put Yourself in July of 1969

Miss Cellania

This weekend through Monday, television and the internet will be full of commemorations of the Apollo 11 moon mission, in which Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the mo

Brain Game: Roman Meal

While you could outwit today's Brain Game challenge the hard way, try to solve it without doing any writing or spreadsheet work; just use some common sense and logic and do it off the top of yo

Twisted Pop Art for the Whole Family

Ransom Riggs

Yeah, right -- the Manson family!

Morning Cup of Links: Dancing Paper Clips

Miss Cellania

The Wonderful World of Big Science. A look at ten of the largest collaborative projects that changed (or are changing) the world. * Who are the people who say the moon landing was a hoax?

The Late Movies: Fun With Low Temperatures

Jason English

Your usual Wednesday evening projectionist Chris Higgins is off this week, so we've decided to let our friends at Neatorama do the heavy lifting tonight.