Brain Game: Math Square #36

The nine white squares inside the main red grid should be filled with the digits 1 through 9. Each digit should appear only once in this main grid (the red square).

Great Danes and Goats, Oh My!

Jill Harness

It's always difficult for a shelter to adopt out two animals as a pair, but when the duo are emotionally attached, it's sometimes the only fair thing to do.

Musical Genre of the Month: Freak Folk

Ransom Riggs

It seems like some rock critic coins a new genre every other week -- and indeed, a quick spin through my iTunes playlist, sorting for genre, reveals all manner of genres I've never heard of, much

Morning Cup of Links: The $21 Million Domain Name?

Colin Patrick

Maybe Steve Jobs is tired of taking on Microsoft "“ and wants to set his sights on toppling Schwinn instead.

The Number of the Day: Zero

Jason English

There is no period after "Dr" in Dr Pepper. Explanation: From Snopes: "The period went missing in 1950 when the company changed the font.

Weekend Links: Corporate Buzzword Generator

Allison Keene

Who says film criticism is dead? (besides people I try to get jobs from) One particularly excited and adamant 8 year old explains the appeal of The Expendables.

Last Week's Most Popular Stories

Jason English

In case you weren't obsessively refreshing all week, here's what you

Weekend Links: '80s Teen Villains You Gotta Love

Allison Keene

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and behold a total of 10 illusions in a mere two minute time span!

Lunchtime Quiz Leftovers

Jason English

Hospital Marathon Man Keeps Going and Going and Going

Jason English

A few weeks ago, I told you about Brian Fugere, a cancer patient who ran a marathon in a hospital hallway in 2005—dragging an IV pole for 144 laps—to raise money for sarcoma resear

Today's Book Giveaway: Mint Condition

Jason English

August is a great month for free reading material. We'll be giving away a new book each weekday.

The Late Movies: Glass Music

Miss Cellania

I ran across the term crystallophone while researching the post 8 Weird and Wonderful Musical Instruments.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Glenn "Pop" Warner

Ethan Trex

Football teams around the country are furiously training for the upcoming season, so this week let's take a look at five things you may not know about the man whose name has been synonymous with

The Quick 10: 10 Underground Cities

Stacy Conradt

As I mentioned the other day, we're headed to Seattle in October. As I was researching things to do, I came across the Seattle Underground Tour, which many of you said was pretty awesome.

What's the Most Embarrassing Thing Your Parents Did to You?

Jason English

Every Friday, I post a series of unrelated questions meant to spark conversation in the comments. Answer one, answer all, respond to someone else's reply, whatever you want. Very casual.