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Coming to America: Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana's First Visits

Haley Sweetland Edwards

With the media all in a tizzy this week over William and Kate’s 10-day jaunt through North America, let's take a look at the press carnivals that surrounded Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana’

Symphony of Science: "Children of Africa"

Chris Higgins

In the most recent installment of the Symphony of Science series, composer John Boswell uses clips from various BBC shows, Quest for Fire (!), and the words of: Jacob Bronowski, Alice Roberts, Caroly

Switzerland's Anti-PowerPoint Party

Jill Harness

I know plenty of people love PowerPoint, but I personally can't stand it and apparently, I'm not alone.

1982: The Year a Kicker Won the MVP

Jason English

Our own Ethan Trex is doing a little writing on the side for Bill Simmons' new site, Grantland.

8 Wonderful Dog Stories

Miss Cellania

When I compiled the post 10 Stories of Lifesaving Dogs, I found more heroic dogs than I needed that day, plus quite a few other dogs that accomplished wonderful things.

Morning Cup of Links: The Star Wars Zone

Miss Cellania

A CIA analyst spent ten years tracking Osama bin Laden. Now that he's dead, we get a glimpse into how "John" caught up with the terrorist leader.

Want to Live to 100? Move to One of These Five Areas

Stacy Conradt

Singing the Blues usually involves tunes of sad tales. Picasso said his Blue Period was partially inspired by the suicide of his friend.

Companies Americans Love to Hate (the Most)

Brett Savage

The good people over at The Atlantic recently reviewed the American Customer Satisfaction Index and compiled a list of the 19 Most Hated Companies in America.

The Late Movies: Free, Full-Length Classic Movies on YouTube

Chris Higgins

As part of YouTube's entry into the online movie-streaming business, it has created something called OpenFlix -- a collection currently boasting 670 free, full-length movies.

How 8 Famous Acquitted Defendants Spent The Rest of Their Lives

Ethan Trex

Yesterday’s not guilty verdict for Casey Anthony ended her highly publicized trial. Here’s how life shook out for a few other acquitted defendants in high-profile trials. 1.

The Post-it® Ghost

Chris Higgins

Ready to be creeped out at work?

Weird Websites of the Week: Badly Stuffed Animals and Birds With Arms

Ransom Riggs

Plenty of people make their living as taxidermists, so I don't want to say -- and don't really agree -- that taxidermy is itself intrinsically creepy.

How Jayne Mansfield Changed the Design of Tractor-Trailers

Stacy Conradt

Unlike Hedy Lamarr, who actually patented a “secret communication system” during WWII (though the idea wasn't ultimately tweaked and used until the 1906s), Jayne Mansfield didn’t create this prod

Brain Game: Pass the Pepto

Food sometimes makes you sick, but can you make food sick? You can with Wednesday Wordplay here at the mentalfloss.com Brain Game.

Morning Cup of Links: Painting with Skateboards

Miss Cellania

"Among all 90 belly buttons Dunn and his colleagues have studied so far, they have found 1400 species of bacteria, a number of which have never encountered on human bodies before." Carl Zimm