Tuesday Turnip


Tuesday Turnip


Morning Cup of Links: Astronaut Stars

Miss Cellania

Once upon a time, astronauts were as famous as movie stars. NASA apparently wants to bring back those days with cinematic mission posters. * 20 Moments In Strange Pet Walking.

The Late Movies: Alex Chilton

Mark Arminio

Alex Chilton, the dynamic, soulful leader of both The Box Tops and Big Star, died last night in New Orleans at the age of 59.

Discovery's "Life," Coming This Sunday

Chris Higgins

Here's a quick teaser to a larger post tomorrow. Discovery and the BBC are about to release Life, their followup effort to Planet Earth, the massive nature documentary from a few years back.

The Quick 10: 10 Gestation Periods in the Animal Kingdom

Stacy Conradt

So, I'm pretty much done being pregnant. I mean, I'm not "“ I'm only 30 weeks "“ but mentally, I'm over this.

9 Very Rare (and Very Expensive) Video Game Cartridges

Rob Lammle

If you've ever collected baseball cards, comic books, stamps, or maybe those limited edition commemorative plates, you understand the concept of the "Holy Grail" item.

Animal Husbandry Gone Too Far?

Jill Harness

What happens when you combine a goat with a spider? It sounds like a joke set up you'd see on the back of a popsicle stick, but instead this is a real question scientists have asked.

Jayhawks, Hoyas & Owls (Oh My!): How 21 Schools Got Their Nicknames

Ethan Trex

March Madness starts today, which means you're going to be tossing team nicknames around like crazy for the next few weeks. Do you know where these mascots came from, though?

Ho-Ho-Ho: The People Behind 4 More Famous Sounds

Kara Kovalchik

On Tuesday, David Israel introduced us to the people behind 10 famous disembodied voices. Today let's put names and faces to four more seemingly anonymous sounds. 1.

The mental_floss Guide to the NCAAs: The East

Ethan Trex

The tournament tips off today, so let's close out our series of interesting facts about the Big Dance's schools with a look at the East

An interview with Jason Alexander

David K. Israel

Jason Alexander is known to TV audiences around the world, of course, as George Costanza on Seinfeld, a role which garnered him six Emmy and four Golden Globe nominations, an American Television Award

8 More March Madness Tournaments (Besides Basketball)

Miss Cellania

The Big Dance starts today, and unless you are an NCAA basketball player, you can't do anything about the outcome of any of the games.

Accidental Geography

Ransom Riggs

People find countries in the strangest places. Strangemaps collected a bunch of great examples, including some of these gems: The United Steaks of

Brain Game: Three Threes

Welcome to the Thursday Brain Game: Correctly solve the first three clues (three letters each), then plug in those letters to come up with the final solution (a nine-letter word).

Morning Cup of Links: Logical Insanity

Miss Cellania

The Upside of Depression. The condition is so prevalent that its evolutionary benefit must outweigh the dysfunction, or at least that was so sometime in our history.

Welcome to the World, William Tyler Pearson!

Jason English

William Tyler Pearson -- male heir to the mental_floss fortune -- entered the world on Tuesday. Mother and baby are doing great.