Buggin' Out!


Buggin' Out!


Don't Eat the Marshmallow

Chris Higgins

In the late 1960s, researchers at Stanford devised what's now known as the "marshmallow test" to test participants' ability to defer gratification.

The Quick 10: 10 Things at the Warner Brothers Museum

Stacy Conradt

One of the surprising highlight of my trip last week was a tour of the Warner Brothers backlots. I've done studio tours before and I've never been all that impressed.

10 Brilliant (Or Puzzling) Baseball Stadium Promotions

Ethan Trex

For many fans, the promise of a great game is plenty of enticement for a pilgrimage to see their local Major League Baseball team play.

Help A Reader Out!

Jason English

A reader writes: I have a friend who can be quite the know-it-all and as a result, quite annoying.

Rockin' Out with Animatronic Robots

Ransom Riggs

Or should I say rockbots? Yesterday I wrote a bit about Al-Jazari, the 12th-century inventor of musical robots, and today I wanted to pay tribute to the modern-day descendants of his genius.

Lunchtime Quiz #1: A Spelling Bee

Jason English

As I've mentioned before, my spelling bee dreams died in the Lakeview Elementary School cafeteria in 1989. But that hasn't soured me on the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

Edward Leedskalnin and his Coral Castle

Miss Cellania

Eward Leedskalnin was born in Riga, Latvia in 1887. He was a small man, around five and a half feet tall and barely 100 pounds, but he built a castle by himself completely out of coral.

How Did You Know? - {day 3}

David K. Israel

Play for your chance to WIN a $100 shopping spree in our store! We're back with another 5-day trivia hunt! First let's meet our current champions, and big $100 winners, Hoang-Kim Vu, Ros

Brain Game: One Candle

May 2009 has been a very busy month. The first half of it was spent getting the next issue of our print magazine into shape.

Morning Cup of Links: Dying During Sex

Miss Cellania

Decoding antiquity: Eight scripts that still can't be read. The science of decoding ancient languages is both tantalizing and frustrating.

The Late Movies: Jousting

Mario Marsicano

Yesterday's backyard fun videos ended with some extreme ball jousting. This compelled me to seek out other joust videos, displaying equal or greater amounts of carnage.

Surfing the Web at 300 Baud

Chris Higgins

So...let's say you have an old modem, but you want to get on the web. Sucks to be you, 56k dialup is painfully slow, end of story -- right? Well, normally that'd be the case.

What's Britain's Smelliest Cheese?

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

Yes, Wallace & Gromit fans, there is such a thing as Stinking Bishop.

The Quick 10: Santa Monica Pier

Stacy Conradt

One of the things I really loved about L.A. is how easy it is to transport yourself to a totally different environment.

6 Movies With Far More Depressing Alternate Endings

Danny Gallagher

Hollywood test audiences are always giving low ratings to movies with depressing endings, sending them back to the editing room for a little "cheering up." But it's not just the grainy