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15 Mold-Breaking Heiresses You Should Know

Kristy Puchko

Movies and reality shows tend to show heiresses as scandal-attracting airhead socialites living the high life without a care.

15 Gorgeous Examples of the Lost Art of Blackboard Sketching

Emily Becker

Frederik Whitney showed teachers how to bring lessons to life, using just a blackboard and some chalk.

15 Neologisms From 'That Should Be a Word'

Jen Pinkowski

Lizzie Skurnick has a word for that.

15 Epic Facts About Napoleon Bonaparte

Hannah Keyser

One of the most fascinating figures to ever live was born 246 years ago.

15 Tasty Bits of Diner Slang to Throw Around Your Kitchen

15 Final Countdowns That Weren't So Final

15 Delicious Regional Sandwiches

Here is just a small sampling of the wonders happening between slices of bread from coast to coast.

500 Years of Cave Writings Document Devastating Droughts in China

Jen Pinkowski

Inscriptions written on the walls of a cave in central China document seven major droughts over nearly 500 years.

15 Comedic Actors Who Appeared on 'Law & Order'

Shanna Yehlen

Actors and actresses known for their comedic work can often get boxed into that particular genre.

This Jump Rope Harnesses the Energy You Make With It

Michele Debczak

A whole new reason to get out and play.

11 Incredible Stargazing Spots You Can Visit This Summer

Alvin Ward

Want to really see stars? The key to really enjoying a dazzling night of stargazing is finding a remote place with little to no light pollution.

An Artist Proves There's Enough Sugar In Your Soda to Create a Lollipop

Abbey Stone

The next time you go out to eat, consider ordering a lollipop to wash down your chicken caesar salad.

Domino's Now Delivers Pizza Via Airplane to Caribbean Islands

Caitlin Schneider

No man is a pizza-less island. Not if Domino's has anything to do with it.

NASA Tests Rocket Engine That Will One Day Head to Mars

David W Brown

Yesterday, NASA tested a rocket engine that will one day send astronauts to Mars.

This Visualization Shows Nuclear Detonations Since 1945

Michele Debczak

A chilling look at our history of nuclear testing