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Light Up Your Room With a Banana

Rebecca OConnell

These lights are bananas.

New York City Bagels From A-to-Z

Caitlin Schneider

Because it's practically criminal to not know the definition of a good schmear.

20 Nerd Heroes on Their Favorite Books

Janet Burns

Don't just take a page out of these celebrities' favorite books... read the whole thing!

5 Questions: Great "Scott"

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Backwards navigation:Forbidden

The Bacteria-Killing Smartphone Charger You Didn’t Know You Needed

Andrew LaSane

This phone charger will also zap away bacteria.

Summer Camp for Kids With Rare Disorder Comes to Life After Dark

Michele Debczak

Camp Sundown caters to kids born with a rare disorder that leaves them sensitive to UV rays.

This Company Sends Imperfect Fruits and Vegetables to Your Home

Rebecca OConnell

A startup helps reduce food waste by rescuing misshapen—but still delicious—fruits and veggies.

5-Year-Old Uses Robotic Hand to Throw First Pitch at Orioles Game

Beth Anne Macaluso

Cutest/coolest pitcher ever.

This Bible Museum Features Rejected Celebrity Wax Figures

Michele Debczak

Giving celebrity worship a whole new meaning.

15 Fascinating Facts About 'The Departed'

Sean Hutchinson

15. Scorsese won his first (and so far only) Oscar for the movie.

This Clock Tells Time With "Lively Blobs" and Electromagnets

Caitlin Schneider

It's like the grownup version of playing with iron dust and a magnet.

The Adventurous Life of Jane Dieulafoy, Pioneering Archaeologist, Artist, and Feminist

Miss Cellania

Jane Dieulafoy wasn't like most French women of the 19th century.

Oddly Calming GIFs of Tattooing in Slow-Motion

Andrew LaSane

13 of Orson Welles' Greatest Put-Downs

Jake Rossen

The famed director on meeting Hitler, colorization, and dog farts.

Artist Turns Ukiyo-e Woodblock Prints Into GIFs

Rebecca OConnell

Tokyo-based artist Segawa Thirty-Seven has been taking iconic woodblock prints and bringing them to life with whimsical animations.