Morning Cup of Links: Lifestyle Creep

Miss Cellania

15-year-old Phoebe Prince was bullied and harassed for months and finally committed suicide.

The Late Movies: Spontaneous Dance Parties

Erica Palan

If the Internet has taught us anything, it's this: Watching other people do things that make them happy makes us happy, too.

Drawing with a Computer in 1963

Chris Higgins

Ivan Sutherland created a computer program called Sketchpad in the early 1960's as his PhD thesis.

The Quick 10: 10 Spoonerisms (and other twists of the tongue)

Stacy Conradt

You know how sometimes when you're talking, your mouth is moving faster than your brain and you inevitably flip the beginning parts of a couple of words?

Puberty Makes You Stupid

Meghan Holohan

Even though the negative consequences of sexting are well known, teenagers still text naked pictures to their peers.

How 14 Car Companies Got Their Names

Ethan Trex

Most of us probably don't put too much thought into our cars' names. Sure, we'll take the wheel of a Toyota or a Chevrolet, but how did those cars pick up their monikers? presents: HDYK? - {day 1}

David K. Israel

It's an all-new 5-day trivia hunt! Co-puzzle Master Josh Halbur and I are happy to bring you the next How Did You Know? sponsored by the extraordinary video sharing site

Brain Game: Junkyard Fodder

Tuesday's Brain Game:  Following are eight anagrams; unscramble the letters to solve them. Solve all eight anagrams correctly and identify what they have in common.

Just The Craziest 80s Action Movies Ever

Ransom Riggs

There was a point in the 80s when filmmakers were all trying to out-do each other to make the all-out bad-assest action movie of all time.

Morning Cup of Links: Passover

Miss Cellania

Preparing for Passover, a scientist looks at the injunction to welcome and feed hungry strangers.

The Late Movies: Rare Comedy from The State

Ransom Riggs

Back in the mid-90s, the sketch comedy troupe The State was Kind of a Big Deal -- at least it was in my friend group, which quoted sketches like Taco Mailman and The Bearded Men of Space Station 11 ab

10 Things You Don't Know About Starbucks (But Should!)

Dave Roos

Starbucks is the coffee icon people either love or love to hate.

Mona Lisa's Cholesterol Problem

Meghan Holohan

Mona Lisa's coy grin invites a barrage of questions—the most common being, what causes her smirk? Some historians have suspected she recently gave birth and she smiles out of joy.

6 Other Types of Eyeglasses

David K. Israel


Korean Man Marries Sexy Body Pillow

Jill Harness

Remember how much attention was given to the Japanese man who married his Nintendo DS?