Brain Game: Sink o' de Mayo

Early this morning, BAM Plumbing won a contract to install a new bathroom - a sink, bath, and toilet - for a house under renovation on Elm Street.

Morning Cup of Links: Fake News Stories

Miss Cellania

If you could travel in time, wouldn't you travel back to show yourself how to time-travel?

The Late Movies: Star Wars

Mario Marsicano

We're trying something new this week. Every night at 8:00pm, I'll post a few short videos that all have a connection to something that happened that day.

A Physicist Explains the Iraq War

Chris Higgins

Sean Gourley is a physicist who wanted to know more about the Iraq war. He wanted to understand the war via the data -- data about attacks, deaths, types of weapons used, locations, and so on.

The 5pm Quiz: Your Local Paper

Jason Plautz

This morning, we tested your knowledge of the top 10 papers in the United States.

The Quick 10: The Milwaukee Brewers

Stacy Conradt

If you follow me on Twitter at all, you know that my wanderlust took me to Milwaukee this weekend. I know, you're like, "Milwaukee? Really?

Lucky Group of the Week

the mag

I have a feeling this week's Lucky Group is going to encompass a lot of people - if you've ever tried a fad diet, good news: you're in!

10 Methods Scientists Use to Date Things

Andrew Moseman

Left and right, archaeologists are radiocarbon dating objects: fossils, documents, shrouds of Turin.

8 Disastrous Product Names

Ransom Riggs

Times change, the meanings of words change, things get lost in translation.

Older Folks Love the Kindle

Miss Cellania

Older folks love their Kindles. Yes, they

Brain Game: Another Dose of Riddlin'

Even on a Monday, you can't escape "Poems Wot I Writ." Here's my newest. Can you decipher this rhyming riddle?

No Photoshop Necessary: The insanity continues

David K. Israel

Here at the _floss, we like posting photos we've taken of crazy and bizarre things encountered in everyday life. It seems, more often than not, Ransom and I are the ones posting such photos.

Morning Cup of Links: Final Exams

Miss Cellania

Ten Tips to Prepare You for Final Exams. I would add: clear your calendar of everything not exam-related.

How Do Companies Get Their Stock Symbols?

Greg Sabin

A company does a lot to protect its brand.

Drawing on Cars: Scott Wade

Andréa Fernandes

Since it's that time of year when pollen coats car windows, today is a good day to honor reader Ginger's request for a "Feel Art Again" post on Scott Wade.