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Researchers Created Spiders That Spin Super-Silk

Jessica Hullinger

A ‘Star Wars’-Themed Photo Shoot Draws Attention to Homeless Pets

Jennifer M Wood

The Ottawa Humane Society is using The Force to save homeless pets.

Dictionary.com Explains How a Word Becomes “A Word”

Jennifer M Wood

Watch a Lake Drain Through a Lava Tube

Caitlin Schneider

5 Classic Game Shows That Used To Be Different

Rudie Obias

From 'Jeopardy!' to 'The Price is Right,' the game shows we know and love have changed throughout television history.

A Toxic Tale: This Scorpion Can Make Two Kinds of Venom

Oné R Pagán

The 7 Most Radioactive Items in Your Home

Megan Thielking

Does Anyone Know the Whole Formula for Coke?

Stacy Conradt

This Airplane Seat Knows When You're Nervous

Jessica Hullinger

Reading These Words Sets Off Completely Different Brain Processes Than Speaking Them Aloud

Shaunacy Ferro

10 Hip Facts About Hypsilophodon

Mark Mancini

The Missing Links: The Hologram Comedy Club

Colin Patrick

Tongue Exercises Can Quiet the Roar of Your Snoring

Shaunacy Ferro

Meet Palestine’s All-Women Racecar Team

Ali Parr

10 Cases of Mistaken Mail Deliveries

Sonia Weiser

Everyone loves getting packages in the mail—assuming it’s what they ordered.