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Why the Curiosity Rover is Forbidden From Collecting Water on Mars

Michele Debczak

It's thanks to a treaty we signed in 1967.

What Japanese People Thought Westerners Looked Like in 1860

Shaunacy Ferro

The artists who created Yokohama-e often used Western newspapers as their source material.

Trippy William Shatner Songs

Chris Higgins

"Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain—why is he climbing a mountain?" Answer: "To hug the mountain."

Why Cheese Mold is Rapidly Evolving—And What That Means For Cheese Lovers

Anna Green

Scientists have found that cheese mold is in evolutionary overdrive.

A Beer Bong for Champagne Drinkers

Andrew LaSane

Why sip champagne when you can shoot it?

5 Weird, Rare Accidents With Their Own Medical Codes

Shaunacy Ferro

Crashed your spacecraft? The hospital knows exactly how to bill for that.

Performance Artist Tony Orrico Makes Art by Chewing

Rebecca OConnell

Tony Orrico's preferred tools of the art-making trade are his very own chompers.

New Trend: Beard Transplants

Anna Green

Can't grow a beard? Get a transplant.

7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Rats

Lucas Adams

We used to think rats were gross. Now we think they’re gross and fascinating!

5 Reasons Physical Books Might Be Better Than E-Books

Shaunacy Ferro

Studies have shown that if you want to really remember something, it's easier to do with paper.

Bronze-Age Brits May Have Mummified Their Dead

Kate Horowitz

Scientists use modern technology to get a glimpse of prehistory.

Tree Trunks Find Second Life in Mind-Bending Artwork

Rebecca OConnell

New York-based artist Jason Middlebrook paints on discarded wood and found natural materials to create intricate works of art that can be hung on the wall.

The Science Behind Why You Don't Think Your Friend's Boyfriend Is Cute

Kirstin Fawcett

Turns out, our individual experiences shape how we perceive physical attractiveness.

7 Movies That Sent People Running Out of Theaters

Jake Rossen

When ushers need smelling salts, you know you've got a hit.

Farmer Unearths Woolly Mammoth Skeleton in Rural Michigan

Kirstin Fawcett

He discovered the bones while digging in a soybean field.