11 Famous Illeists

Scott Allen

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Happy Think Thursday! The following are five of history's most famous feature film quotes.

Morning Cup of Links: American Smiles

Miss Cellania

Russians thinks Americans smile too much, and therefore must be either mentally ill, deceptive, or insulting. But just maybe living in America is something worth smiling about.

The Late Movies: MTV Unplugged

Chris Higgins

MTV Unplugged premiered in 1989, showcasing musicians playing acoustic versions of their songs.

SXSW: By the Numbers

Chris Higgins

CNN has launched some video content on Vimeo, that other video site that looks nicer than YouTube.

At the Libraries: Year of the Librarian!

Miss Kathleen

Every Wednesday, Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of stories about libraries, authors, and books. If there's something fun going on in your local library, leave us a

Dietribes: Cinnamon

Allison Keene

• Where does cinnamon come from? What, you think it grows on trees? Close enough - it actually comes from the inner bark of a cinnamon tree!

The Stories Behind 5 Familiar Voices

Brenna Ehrlich

Note: This article was originally published in 2008, before Brenna wrote a book and went on to big things at Mashable.

The Number of the Day: 60%

Colin Patrick

The increase in the cost of Groucho glasses from 2009 to 2011 was 60% (from $15/dozen to $24/dozen), according to the 2011 Cost of Laughing Index – an annual report of the fluctuations in the finances

Let’s See a Kindle Try This

Colin Patrick

This year’s Dutch Book Week is celebrating the autobiography.

The Beanie Babies Bubble

Ethan Trex

© Kevin Horan/Corbis Nothing says “Destined to hold its value indefinitely” quite like a teddy bear stuffed with plastic pellets.

Roraima: the Strangest Mountain on Earth

Ransom Riggs

If I were a better hiker, this would be very high on my list of places to visit before I die.

Brain Game: How to Drink from a Glass

It's time for the Wednesday Wordplay segment of the Brain Game column.

Morning Cup of Links: the Horrible Houseguest

Miss Cellania

An Interactive Timeline of Middle East Protest Movements. Just in case you are a bit confused about what happened and when in the various countries experiencing civil unrest.

6 Professional Painters from the Animal Kingdom

Miss Cellania

Note: This article was originally published in 2009.